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Promised stash report

This will be my last stash report for a while as I am…somewhat…firmly ensconced on the wagon. I will still get my monthlies by Jim Wurth and supplies that are necessary to my projects, but I have so many beautiful things waiting, I need to do more stitching and less buying.

Having said that, I’m going out with a ‘bang’. 🙂 I am thrilled to have gotten two new Rae Iverson kits. Her work and her kits are wonderful. (As are her instructions).

May I present the ‘Things that Go Bump in the Night’ Etui. This project is fully kitted down to the crinoline and velvet needed to make the pin cushion.  I love all the beasties, the plants and the usefulness of this design:

Things that Go Bump in the Night

Rae’s Company is Moss Creek Designs and this is the web address.

All her published designs can be purchased on line and may also be available from your LNS.

The second kit I got also comes from Moss Creek Designs. It’s called Dogwood Stitchery and is a set of needlework smalls done on two colors of linen.

I can’t overemphasize the beautiful quality of these kits (and no, Rae is no relation and I have no business interest in her company, just great admiration for her designs and the materials she uses.)

Dogwood Stitchery

And, last but not least I finally bit the bullet and purchased the Needlework Casket for the SANQ chest (from their hardcover book published in the mid-nineties). I don’t have a picture yet, but this beautiful wooden chest is going to be a treasure and the needlework inserts will be yet another 2007 start.

So, that’s it for stash reporting for a while. I have PLENTY to do to keep me busy.

Blessings to all,



January Summary

Good morning…

And a very cold morning it is here in the north country…bbbrrrrr! But the good part is, it is sunny and beautiful. I actually love these crisp winter days.

I have to upload pictures to post them, but for now,  suffice it to say the ‘hood’ is pretty much done (personalization remaining) and I FINALLY started Chatelaine-Mystery X. So much for staying on track.

As of right now, I’ve gotten the outline of the central medallion done and some of the metallic started and I’m already in love with this piece.

Although I’ve never really done the Guilt Free January thing, I did manage to start several pieces this month. They are:

Chatelaine-Mystery X

Long Dog Samplers-Mystery Sampler (does anybody sense a pattern?)

Neighborhood Round Robin-started and finished Round 2

Sampler Cove-Bordeaux Sampler (Carol graciously invited me to join her SAL)

Fancy Work-The Whitman Tin Accessories

and last, but not least, the anniversary pieces for both sets of parents (I will post more about those later!)

The month’s finishes:

Jane’s Neighborhood

Pine Mountain Princess Pillow.

Now all that remains is to try and figure out how to set up a rotation with all these pieces. Help!?!

Well, I must get to work so I hope all of you have a wonderful day! I will post more later.



Just working in the ‘hood’

I didn’t do a lot of stitching this weekend, due to a nasty migraine, but I did find some time to enjoy stitching on Jane’s ‘neighborhood’. I loved stitching the tree…a combination of smyrnas and satin stitch. Dan says it looks like a giant green corn on the cob. 🙂Starting on the sidewalk

I apologize. It seems I haven’t quite gotten the fine points of taking pictures on my camera and putting them in my blog, the tree really isn’t crooked. :-).

Hopefully, you get the idea and if you want to see more, better photos of my work can be found in my webshots album:

The only other thing I have to report is some new stash…the last of my new stash for a while. I will post pics/scans tomorrow, but suffice it to say I am a very excited, happy camper. Now I just need to stitch, stitch, stitch!

Hope you all had a great weekend!



A thought for the day

A beautiful prayer for the needleartist:

” Loose me, Lord, from the fear of giving. Adorn me with a generous heart, and annoint the work of my hands to bless the generations that will come after me”.

–From “What I Learned From God While Quilting”  (Thank you, Paula, this little book is indeed a blessing!)

These pieces we create give us such pleasure in the doing…and will, by and large, survive us. I love the idea that I’m creating a blessing for someone who will follow me.

May today hold many blessings for you,


Some days…

You know the day is going to be a challenge when you wake up (the first time) in the middle of a hot flash, with a cramp in your calf and a migraine. I did the only sensible thing. I took two aspirin and high-tailed it back to bed. (Thankfully I don’t work until late today). I am happy to report the world looks a bit brighter now. Ah, the joys of mid-life. 🙂

On to something much more interesting. I have a stash report. Now, in my own defense I will say this. I AM making an attempt to be ‘mostly’ on the wagon. These are a few of the ‘except for’ things. For example the Jim Wurth ornie is an automatic I get every two months.

So, without further ado stash additions include:

1. Tocatta Three-The Drawn Thread. I’m not going to post a picture, because I”m sure most of you have seen it. I love this series. Tocatta I is finished and framed. Tocatta II is about 1/3 of the way done. Tocatta III, well I’m trying to talk myself out of starting this one until Tocatta II is done. Tocatta II is lovely but working with Japan Gold…YEUCKKKKK!

As for the being on the wagon, I’m thinking I exhibited a huge amount of control. The first time I went to order this, I had Wayward Garden and the Red Lace Needlebook…AND… all the materials in my shopping cart. This is better.

2. Monrovia: This charted needlepoint piece is one of the aforementioned Jim Wurth Dodecagon series of ornaments. They come to me every other month packaged beautifully by Threadneedle Street. They have all been lovely, but this one is my 4th-dodecagon-jim-wurth.JPG

favorite with all the white and gold.

3. Book stash: I have added a couple of wonderful books to my library. Here is a list:

a. Rug Hooking for the First Time: Donna Lovelady

b. Dancing Needles: Pamela Gurney

c. Simply Primitive: Pat Cross

and my favorite, at least right now:


d. Bead Creative Art Quilts by Nancy Eha: This is a fabulously artsy book (just like Nancy) with great instructions. I can’t wait to try some of the ideas! (I’m re-thinking yesterday’s post 🙂 and contemplating retirement.)

So, that’s my stash report. I would recommend all the books and if you want more infomation on the Dodecagon Series, let me know and I’ll give you phone numbers, e-mail info. Drawn Thread patterns and materials can be purchased from your local LNS, your favorite ONS and of course, from Lois at Elegant Stitch, which is where I ordered mine. She and all the staff there are wonderful and very, very helpful.

I will post updates on stitching this evening. But in the meanwhile, have a good day.



I ‘have’ to go to work…

My stitching sisters and I have had an e-mail thread going recently…a fantasy if you will. Now before this blog loses it’s ‘G-rated’ status, let me hasten to explain the fantasy involves not working outside our nests and having all day long to stitch.

There’s more. Not only are we stitching all day long, but we have the money to go hither and yon taking classes, buying wonderful new desgins and…although it hasn’t been mentioned…I’m guessing outfitting a studio for all our threads, fabrics, beads and ribbons.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Well, when I think about deep down, for me it wouldn’t be wonderful. Okay, the unlimited budget might be nice, but I already have an office/studio that has more stuff than I could ever hope to finish. (and yes, I still buy…so to turn that into a full time job would…dangerous. Strain my self control) So, unless you can give me 50 hour days, all that I will get out of the experience is wonderful fibers and fabric to fondle. (A worthy pursuit that the uninitiated don’t get :-)))

My problem is this: The less I have to do on any given day, the less I seem to get accomplished at my stitching frame. I bop down more bunny trails, always intending to get amazing amounts stitched. And, at the end of the day, I wonder where the time has gone and why I have so little progress to show, whereas on days when I’m already focused on accomplishing tasks, my needle(s) just seem to fly.

I’ve spend a lot of time convalescing in the past year…and it’s been the since worst year for finishes I can remember. Starts, well there’ve been a lot of those, but not a lot of finishes. Sigh…see my problem?

It seems I am more productive when I am busy. These ‘stitching sisters’ that I’ve mentioned all work outside the home, in positions of responsibility…and they all turn out lovely pieces. They are an inspiration.

My point in this? Simply that I think I need to stay gainfully employed until I’m 448 years old. 🙂 Or…the other possibility is to find a way to turn needlework into gainful employment. Question to ponder: Would it still be as much fun if I HAD to do it? 🙂

(Okay, just so you all know. This should not be interpreted as discouragement of anyone who wants to apply for the job of ‘patron’ for our group. I’d adjust, lol)

Yesterday, I worked a little on the Round Robin piece and will share a photo this evening and, while Dan and I watched the classic ‘Caddyshack’, I worked on my prayer shawl. It now looks like this. This is my tv/football project, easier on the eyes than 40 ct. linen. 🙂


Well, I’m off to work :-). I hope this morning finds each of you with many reasons to smile and to hope.



Jane’s Neighborhood-RR Progress

This weekend I worked mostly on my RR peice for the Northstar Neighborhood. I have a mailing date of February 1st and, barring any complications I should make it. The house is done and I just have to add the landscaping. 🙂

I love being involved in the RR. It is my first in quite some time and the creativity of the woman in our group is phenomenal. Here is the latest photo of my ‘mostly’ completed Winter house. The design is Lady Scarlett by Lilybet. I also love this and will probably stitch it for me someday.




Stitching Sisters…

Well, tonight I had the ‘stitching’ sisters over for a meal and some…yes, you guessed it, stitching. Although…after we ate, drank a bit of wine and ooohhhhed and ahhhhheed over stash, there wasn’t ALL that much time to stitch.

I am so blessed to have these ladies in my life. By way of introduction:

First there’s Paula, who is my sister, well, sister-in-law, in life. She’s the one responsible for me being here at all. 25 years ago, she looked at the stamped cloth I was using and said ‘watcha doin’ that for’. And here we are….still going strong more than two decades later. She is mom to my adorable neice and to my canine nephew and…just to set the record straight…she CAN cook!

Then there’s Theresa. Theresa was re-introduced to cross stitch several years ago and has taken to it with such a passion that she’s going to out-stash those of us who have been collecting for 20+ years, lol. In addition to being a superb stitcher, she is also the best baker this side of the Rio Grand. Most importantly, she is dear woman and a good friend. (BTW: She can cook too :-))
Susan rounds out the group that was over tonight. Susan…the BEST enabler around…although the other two have also gotten me into severe trouble! Susan is our ‘cruise director’. She comes up with the best ideas for stitching time and knows everyone who’s anyone who can make it happen. I suggested brown bagging it tonight, Susan brought a wonderful stew. She takes care of all of us and is a treasure.

Finally, there’s one who couldn’t be here this evening. Janet. Janet NEEDS to move to the twin cities area. BADLY!. Right she lives about 5 hours away and we miss her like crazy. She is renaissance women who does gorgeous needlepoint, makes beautiful quilts and finshes HUGE cross stitch projects (Like ‘And They Sinned’) Finishing…what a concept. We’re all hoping the perfect job will be coming her way 20 minutes from our doorsteps.

As you probably guessed I am very blessed by each of these woman. My stitching life, indeed, my whole life, is brighter because of them. Thank you, ladies. And here’s to many, many more years of stitching and playing together.

To the rest of you in the on-line world that I know…I also count myself blessed by the gifts you share. Thank you.

And now, goodnight, sleep well, and I’ll try and load some pics tomorrow.



Welcome to my world of silk and linen…….

A passion for needleart? Yes, that’s me. I have a scary stash, more WIP’s than I care to count and, most often, my eye on something new.

Apart from buying, I love to stitch, enjoy time with stitching sisters and to teach. Passing this art on to others is also a passion. So much in this world is about instant gratification. Needlework is all about the gift of time.

So, why a website dedicated to needlework? Well, here I will share projects, both in progress and finished, and lessons learned along the way. I will (I hope) be taught by others in this world and above all, make new friends. I read many needlework blogs almost daily and they are a continual inspiration and blessing and I want to be a part of this circle: Inspire–Learn–Stitch–pass it on.