Stitching Sisters…

Well, tonight I had the ‘stitching’ sisters over for a meal and some…yes, you guessed it, stitching. Although…after we ate, drank a bit of wine and ooohhhhed and ahhhhheed over stash, there wasn’t ALL that much time to stitch.

I am so blessed to have these ladies in my life. By way of introduction:

First there’s Paula, who is my sister, well, sister-in-law, in life. She’s the one responsible for me being here at all. 25 years ago, she looked at the stamped cloth I was using and said ‘watcha doin’ that for’. And here we are….still going strong more than two decades later. She is mom to my adorable neice and to my canine nephew and…just to set the record straight…she CAN cook!

Then there’s Theresa. Theresa was re-introduced to cross stitch several years ago and has taken to it with such a passion that she’s going to out-stash those of us who have been collecting for 20+ years, lol. In addition to being a superb stitcher, she is also the best baker this side of the Rio Grand. Most importantly, she is dear woman and a good friend. (BTW: She can cook too :-))
Susan rounds out the group that was over tonight. Susan…the BEST enabler around…although the other two have also gotten me into severe trouble! Susan is our ‘cruise director’. She comes up with the best ideas for stitching time and knows everyone who’s anyone who can make it happen. I suggested brown bagging it tonight, Susan brought a wonderful stew. She takes care of all of us and is a treasure.

Finally, there’s one who couldn’t be here this evening. Janet. Janet NEEDS to move to the twin cities area. BADLY!. Right she lives about 5 hours away and we miss her like crazy. She is renaissance women who does gorgeous needlepoint, makes beautiful quilts and finshes HUGE cross stitch projects (Like ‘And They Sinned’) Finishing…what a concept. We’re all hoping the perfect job will be coming her way 20 minutes from our doorsteps.

As you probably guessed I am very blessed by each of these woman. My stitching life, indeed, my whole life, is brighter because of them. Thank you, ladies. And here’s to many, many more years of stitching and playing together.

To the rest of you in the on-line world that I know…I also count myself blessed by the gifts you share. Thank you.

And now, goodnight, sleep well, and I’ll try and load some pics tomorrow.



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