Some days…

You know the day is going to be a challenge when you wake up (the first time) in the middle of a hot flash, with a cramp in your calf and a migraine. I did the only sensible thing. I took two aspirin and high-tailed it back to bed. (Thankfully I don’t work until late today). I am happy to report the world looks a bit brighter now. Ah, the joys of mid-life. 🙂

On to something much more interesting. I have a stash report. Now, in my own defense I will say this. I AM making an attempt to be ‘mostly’ on the wagon. These are a few of the ‘except for’ things. For example the Jim Wurth ornie is an automatic I get every two months.

So, without further ado stash additions include:

1. Tocatta Three-The Drawn Thread. I’m not going to post a picture, because I”m sure most of you have seen it. I love this series. Tocatta I is finished and framed. Tocatta II is about 1/3 of the way done. Tocatta III, well I’m trying to talk myself out of starting this one until Tocatta II is done. Tocatta II is lovely but working with Japan Gold…YEUCKKKKK!

As for the being on the wagon, I’m thinking I exhibited a huge amount of control. The first time I went to order this, I had Wayward Garden and the Red Lace Needlebook…AND… all the materials in my shopping cart. This is better.

2. Monrovia: This charted needlepoint piece is one of the aforementioned Jim Wurth Dodecagon series of ornaments. They come to me every other month packaged beautifully by Threadneedle Street. They have all been lovely, but this one is my 4th-dodecagon-jim-wurth.JPG

favorite with all the white and gold.

3. Book stash: I have added a couple of wonderful books to my library. Here is a list:

a. Rug Hooking for the First Time: Donna Lovelady

b. Dancing Needles: Pamela Gurney

c. Simply Primitive: Pat Cross

and my favorite, at least right now:


d. Bead Creative Art Quilts by Nancy Eha: This is a fabulously artsy book (just like Nancy) with great instructions. I can’t wait to try some of the ideas! (I’m re-thinking yesterday’s post 🙂 and contemplating retirement.)

So, that’s my stash report. I would recommend all the books and if you want more infomation on the Dodecagon Series, let me know and I’ll give you phone numbers, e-mail info. Drawn Thread patterns and materials can be purchased from your local LNS, your favorite ONS and of course, from Lois at Elegant Stitch, which is where I ordered mine. She and all the staff there are wonderful and very, very helpful.

I will post updates on stitching this evening. But in the meanwhile, have a good day.



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