January Summary

Good morning…

And a very cold morning it is here in the north country…bbbrrrrr! But the good part is, it is sunny and beautiful. I actually love these crisp winter days.

I have to upload pictures to post them, but for now,  suffice it to say the ‘hood’ is pretty much done (personalization remaining) and I FINALLY started Chatelaine-Mystery X. So much for staying on track.

As of right now, I’ve gotten the outline of the central medallion done and some of the metallic started and I’m already in love with this piece.

Although I’ve never really done the Guilt Free January thing, I did manage to start several pieces this month. They are:

Chatelaine-Mystery X

Long Dog Samplers-Mystery Sampler (does anybody sense a pattern?)

Neighborhood Round Robin-started and finished Round 2

Sampler Cove-Bordeaux Sampler (Carol graciously invited me to join her SAL)

Fancy Work-The Whitman Tin Accessories

and last, but not least, the anniversary pieces for both sets of parents (I will post more about those later!)

The month’s finishes:

Jane’s Neighborhood

Pine Mountain Princess Pillow.

Now all that remains is to try and figure out how to set up a rotation with all these pieces. Help!?!

Well, I must get to work so I hope all of you have a wonderful day! I will post more later.



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