Happy Monday!

I had a terrible weekend stitchingwise…I didn’t put a needle in fabric or a hook in yarn either day. So sad….

I did bring my  prayer shawl with me to friends to work on while we watched the Superbowl, but I was too caught up in the game to even think about working on anything. Personally, I am delighted for Tony, Peyton and the entire Colts organization.  I am also happy for the Bears…to have come so far this season is a testimony to hard work and good coaching, so congrats to ‘da Bears’ too.

I do have a bit of progress to scan on the Bordeaux sampler and will do that tonight along with what I get done today. My biggest problem with rotation is I never want to STOP working on the piece currently on my frame.

I do want to share something I read that touched my heart.  It speaks so much of my treasured relationships with friends:

“Any woman who sews or knits, or weaves, blends colors in a tapestry or creates a patchwork quilt, knows by the feel that a single thread is weak; but the weaving, the blending, the intertwining with many others, makes it strong.  Any woman alone without friends to sustain her, to nuture and support, to hold with loving arms, like a single thread, is weak.  But the weaving, the loving, the nuturing of others, the networks of friendship makes her strong.”–The Kinship of Woman, 1994

I can’t say anything to this but ‘amen’ and a humble thank you to each one of the woman who touch my life with their grace, their beauty and their kindness.

Have a wonderful day, stitching sisters!



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