SBQ and a Little More



The most recent SBQ (Stitching Blogger’s Question) was suggested by Danielle and is: Do you find yourself stitching faster when you are getting to the end of a design?

Most of the time, yes. Although I don’t think it’s as much stitching faster as it is applying myself better. I am not a particularly fast stitcher under the best of circumstances. 🙂

I love that moment when I realize, after weeks or months of work, this piece is FINALLY into the home stretch. And, caught up in the rush that comes with finishing :-), I’ve been known to stay up until ridiculous hours of the early morning just to complete those last stitches.

The only caveat to this is if I’ve saved something I don’t much like until last. You know, like a mile of backstitching or my least favorite stitch in the world…something like that; then it becomes hard for me to focus and the piece stands a good chance of becoming an ‘almost done’ UFO.

I haven’t switched projects yet (read that a hopelessly bad rotation stitcher) and am still working on the Peacock in the center of my Papillion Creations sampler. But, if I can tear myself away, tonight I really would like to get a little time in on my Sampler Cove Bordeaux Sampler SAL. Then I really have to move on to my round robin piece and Judy’s beautiful neighborhood. I also got the new section for Chatelaine Designs Mystery X. It doesn’t look too bad this month, so perhaps I’ll even catch up a bit.

And…for those of you who are Chatelaine Friends, Martina has announced her 10th Anniversary piece. It’s a sweete bag and the info can be found here:

I think the finished piece will be beautiful and the colors are wonderful! I believe Martina is one of the most talented artists with color I have ever seen.

For now, it’s back to do a little stitching before I brave the wintery mix outside my window. I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!






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