Moving Right Along…

Happy Saturday! I can’t believe how fast these days go. We slept a little late this morning, worked around the house a bit, visited a friend in the hospital, made a quick stop at work, ate a burrito (and tacos for me) at Chipoltle and the day is mostly gone. I have yet to put in a stitch, however, that is soon to be corrected.

You remember all my fine posturing about changing projects yesterday. Didn’t happen. I worked all evening on the Papillion Creations piece. I think I’m probably about half done now and I stitched two–count ’em–two peacocks last night. Susan…I thought of you!

This project is now off the q-snaps and I am trying to decide whether it’s a Chatelaine or a Bordeaux kind of night. So see, I can  manage a rotation of sorts.

Here’s a photo of my progress on the PC Mystery:  Papillion Creations Mystery-About halfway there!

I do love working on this piece and when I get started it’s hard to stop. But I feel that way about most of my ‘rotation’.

Now on to what I’d like to accomplish in the near term future.

Goals for March:

1.  Finish Judy’s neighborhood in Round Robin

2. Finish Buttonhole edge for Folding Cross Needlebook (Guild Project)

3. Start Gay Ann Rogers Redwork Mystery

4. Work on: Bordeaux Sampler SAL, Chatelaine Mystery X, Anniversary gift for parent’s 50th, Papillion Mystery,  Sun Shower (HAED), crocheted prayer shawl and anything else in WIP land that moves me.


One of the things I’ve been turning over in my head is whether to participate in the EGA challenge this year.  The challenge title is ‘Circle of Life’ and I can imagine so may ways to recreate that in needlework. But the major question is:  Do I have the time between now and September to do it justice. I’ve wanted to try my hand at designing for some time now. Just a thought. I would love to know if anyone reading this has done the EGA challenge. And, if so, would you be willing to share your experience with me? Thanks in advance.

The other thing I want to do is finish Step One in my Needlepoint Master Craftsman program this year. It’s a provided design and I’ve picked the colors. So…that leaves me most of ten months to finish the stitching.

Certainly enough of a challenge what with life moving as it always does.

I hope today has brought happy…and frog-less… hours to all.



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  • Carol  On March 4, 2007 at 4:26 pm

    Your Papillon Sampler is looking so nice! I miss hearing from you 😦

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