Recommended Reading

Each week I will share a book from my needlework library that I’ve enjoyed. Some of them focus on technique, others on the history of the art and some are best enjoyed simply for the inspiration they provide. All relate in some way to the needlearts.

First up: ‘The Embroiderer’s Story’ by Thomisina Beck. The Embroiderer’s Story by Thomisina Beck

This wonderful book is a history of needlework from the Renaissance to the present day. It is not a collection of techniques so much as a compilation of needlework down through the centuries. Works come to life, illuminated by the context of the era in which they were created.
The Embroiderer’s story is very well researched and the illustrations/photos, many of them in color, are fabulous.

What I love when I read portions of The Embroiderer’s Story is the connection I feel with women (and men) throughout history. I also love the inspiration that can be found on each page. Inspiration to teach others (to preserve for future generations the gift of handwork) and inspiration to expand my own boundaries with new techniques and new uses for already mastered techniques.

In my opinion, this is a pattern source book at its finest and wonderful reading.My edition was published by David & Charles and has a copyright date of 1999.




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