An update on the ‘Hood

It is a lovely day here in the north country. All those piles of snow are no more and the ice has gone out on the lake. Isn’t spring a season of miracles??? It is…glorious! I will shoot a few photos one day soon, so you can see the transformation of not only my deck, but my whole back yard. I am excited because this summer I am going plant a container garden and hope for the best. I plan to put in some vegetables and some flowers. I don’t have a particularly green thumb, but someone special to me is a master gardener and I hope to emulate the example. 🙂

On the stitching front I promised a photograph of Judy’s neighborhood. I am plugging along on the Village Church for her small town Minnesota scene. The primary pattern I’m using is Elizabeth’s Designs ‘Old Stone Church‘.

Old Stone Church-Elizabeth’s Designs

I am just starting the satin stitch blocks that outline the building. I’m hoping to finish those up tonight. The trees in the background are rice stitch and each one of them takes about an hour to do, but the look is so cool…very textural.

And then…bad Julie…I went to my LNS (local needlework shop) to pick up a skein of Watercolours. I picked up three. But before I got out of there this jumped into my bag:

Dragonfly Hand Painted Canvas with threads

This is a hand painted canvas and the threads I picked are all silks or silk blends (with wool). The color saturation in these fibers is INCREDIBLE! The red is for the eyes and, while you can’t see it, there’s a little glitz in the skein so the eyes should sparkle. The colors at the top left that look black are the most beautiful shades of royal blue and royal purple. I jazzed up the green a little and have a skein of variagated yellow silk I’m going to use for the flower buds.

So…I guess you could say this little guy just reached out and forced me into taking it home. Sigh…………..

Tonight I’m going to do laundry and I’m hoping to have some time at my needlework frame as I have to get Judy’s neighborhood mailed sometime soon and the end of this week is going to be a total bust stitching-wise.

On a more positive note, you all need to check out Kali’s Creations (see sidebar). She has FINISHED…yes, FINISHED the brand new Jim Wurth ornament that I pictured here last week. It’s wonderful. I am…so in awe.

Well, for now laundry calls and I have to get dinner started. I hope everyone is having a good monday.



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  • Carol  On March 27, 2007 at 3:34 am

    I love your little church – can’t wait to see it grow!

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