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Definitions Every Stitcher Should Know

Stitcher’s have their own language. And, as with any other language, the use of acronyms is common. Following is a presentation of some of the most common: 🙂

Most projects start as WHIMMs-Works hidden in my mind. Or in the case of new market item it may even be a GHIN-Got to HAVE IT NOW! This type of purchase is usually followed by the sound of a credit card being withdrawn from wallet at light speed!

Once the the pattern and fabric are purchased it becomes a PIG-Project in a Grocery Sack or a PIPE-Project in a Plastic Envelope.

Then, depending on how well you are fending off an attack of ‘startitis’, it might become a HSY: Haven’t started yet.

Once you start it becomes the familiar WIP: Work in Progress until it’s completed or….

You lose interest and set it aside. Then it becomes one of three things: A UFO: Unfinished Object (but one you have a reasonable shot at someday going back to complete.

Or a CASITA: Can’t Stand it Anymore (most always found at the bottom of the UFO pile)

Or, at worst, it might descend into a: WtHwIT?: What the HECK was I Thinking? These should be adopted out as soon as possible, because it really would be a waste to use them as dust cloths!

Moving on to some broader applications of the needleworker’s ‘code’: After many years of study and observation, it seems to me a fair statement that most of us enjoy sEX: Stash Enhancement Experience. In fact, we enjoy it with a great…um…passion!

The generic term for this is retail therapy.

And thanks to sEX, most of us have a STASH: special treasure all secretly hidden.

And some of us…like me.. have taken stash acquistion to such heights it becomes known as SABLE: Stash available beyond life expectancy. 🙂

I think that about sums it up.

Now I have to make the disclaimers. None of the is orginal with me. Most of it came from the June 2006 edition of Needlearts, with additional input from the wonderful Monica Ferris needlework mysteries.

I hope you now have a smile on your face. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend.



Today I am grateful for Springtime and the renewal of life.


My personal soapbox!

It’s been a good week…stitching, time with friends, a Guild meeting and lovely spring weather. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of progress to report on my needlework. It seems I have this problem when I get together to stitch with friends: I do more gabbing than stitching. (I can just see those of you who know me rolling your eyes and muttering ‘daylight in the swamp’ :-)))))

I haven’t yet taken photos of what I did accomplish, but I wanted to write an entry anyway…about something near and dear to my um…heart. For those of you who don’t want to share my soapbox, I will be back to stitching later.

We’ve all been touched with different challenges in life. Mine is heart disease. I’ve been fighting it for many years now (and I’m just 49 a month ago.) And no, this is not a ‘poor me’ post. Why? Because I am an incredibly fortunate woman. I had a doctor who listened, who took the appropriate action and because of him…and the fabulous care I’ve received since…I’m alive today to talk about it. (And no, that’s not an exaggeration!)

What I want to do is urge anyone who reads this to be aware of what your body might be telling you. Heart disease in women doesn’t always manifest itself by a ‘grab the chest and keel over’ episode. For me it was shoulder pain and shortness of breath, for others it’s headaches or pain radiating into the lower jaw. If you feel like there might be something wrong…if you have a history or risk factors…please, please, please…take the time to tell your doctor. It’s not frivolous or alarmist to have symptoms checked, it is smart. Heart disease has, very quietly, become the number one killer of women in the United States.

If you want more information, start here

or, contact me by comment or e-mail. The treatment options are miraculous right now…so please, be aware and if something isn’t quite right, make the call, head to the ER or call your nurseline. I believe awareness and action need to go hand in hand to stop this silent killer.

Do I get tired of having to manage this condition? Some days. It bothers me more that DH spends so many hours on the waiting end of things. But it’s worth it…for both of us.

And…on a slightly shallower (and stitching related) note: I don’t know about you, but I don’t want someone else (no matter how much I love her–hi Paula :-)) to have the fun of stitching my stash until I’ve given it a good run.

Thanks for letting me have my say. Many of you have grown to be good friends and I needed to …er…get this off my chest. 🙂

Here’s hoping you are having a wonderful…and healthy day!



Recommended reading & stash from ‘down under’

This Friday evening is going by far too quickly. I have a lot both stitching wise and life-wise I want and need to get accomplished. It has been a lovely spring day here and I’m glad to say I was out and about and able to enjoy some of it.

One thing the beautiful weather means is I was able to make my weekly WtR goal (see sidebar). And that doesn’t even include the walk we’ve planned for tomorrow (My week runs Sun-Sat). Wooo-weee!

Next up…another ‘recommended reading’ segment. I love books that are as much a treat for the eyes as they are good teaching material. This new (to me and to the market) book qualifies as a favorite in both catagories.


A Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork by Ruth Chamberlin (pub. 2006, Search Press Needlecrafts) is both an overview of the art of goldwork and a gallery of the author’s exquisite finished work. In tacit acknowledgement of the instructional nature of the book, Ms. Chamberlin not only shares her own pieces but concisely covers the basics needed to get started on a first project.

Progressing through the first few chapters, there are sections on the materials used in goldwork, the equipment needed and a small discussion of design. In addition, she takes the reader through the intricies of framing up, transferring the artwork to the ground cloth, and even techniques for beginning and ending stitches.

And she doesn’t stop there. She covers in some detail the basic goldwork techniques and stitches. The photography is both stunning and detailed. The book includes several projects, including a sampler for anyone who is a fairly independent and adventurous stitcher. (I don’t believe the projects suitable for a novice in needlework. Her instructions assume a basic knowledge of stitchery and allow a great deal of latitude for artistic interpretation.)

I think this book is a wise purchase for any needleworker interested in adding goldwork to their skill set or for anyone who just wants a peek at some beautiful examples of this art.

If anyone has questions about this book, feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me.

Another wonderful part of today was mail call. I received two kits from Colour Streams (see my sidebar for the link) both designed by Helan Pearce.

I ordered a Persian Teardrop, which I intend to use as a scissor fob and a Persian Slipper which is intended as a gift if I can bear to part with it. 🙂 The colors are absolutely beautiful. It makes me anxious to see the rest of Robyn’s line of silks in person. (She does weights equivalent to #5 and # 8 Pearl Cotton, a six stranded silk floss and wonderful silk ribbons!) I can just picture a garden scene done in her colors. Anybody up for a trip to Australia?

I need a patron…sigh………………………..

Here’s a peek at my goodies. The scanner won’t do them justice, but I’ve included both the front of the packaging with the picture of the finished piece and the back, so you can see the materials.




As you can well imagine, I want to start this RIGHT NOW! And…I may give in as soon as my church is done. Yes, I’m still working the church. Those rice-stitched trees take forever (but boy-oh-boy do they look cool)! I will post an update soon.

In the meanwhile, if any of you are so inclined, I’d strongly recommend a trip to the Colour Streams website. Enjoy!

I will leave you with my best wishes for a wonderful and stitchy weekend with no froggy-froggy blues.



A whole lot of sunshine

Hello and welcome to a sunny Thursday here in God’s country! The last two days have been gray and overcast with a late season snow fall. Dan and I have both been down with a late season cold. And it’s been generally…blah. 🙂 But today, I’m feeling a bit better and as for the weather; well, see for yourself:

Open lake and snow



You can get an idea of just how close we are to the lake. I wish I were more adept at photography because the lake is a really deep blue today and it looks so lovely with the white snow and sunshine.

I haven’t done any stitching since Tuesday, so that finish I was talking about hasn’t happened yet. But the good news is, I plan to hop to it in just a bit and will…hopefully…have a ‘stitchy’ update this evening. I also have an addition to ‘recommended readings’ ready to post. I just need to scan the book jacket.

And, speaking of reading, I also have been re-visiting a series of books I love. The Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters. I just love the idea of ‘Indiana Jones’ in a Victorian woman’s body. All the books in the series are great reads and I seriously recommend them. Who knows, you may discover a latent interest in Egyptology. They’ve left me with a burning desire to order this!

I hope everyone is having a good week. Thank you to everyone who has left such nice comments. Your words are both an encouragement and way to keep me inspired. I also want to say thank you to everyone who maintains a needlework blog. They are a constant source of inspiration to me. Please keep on posting!



Progress through yesterday

My stitching time this past week (what there has been of it) has been devoted to getting my ED Old Stone Church done. I want to pass Judy’s Neighborhood on this week and get started on the next portion of our Northstar Neighborhood Round Robin.

This is an incredibly talented group of ladies and I feel very fortunate to have been invited to participate in the ‘hood’.

So…back to the village church. I am getting there and hopefully today or tomorrow will see a finish. Here is where things stood last night:

ED-Old Stone Church

Right now I’m working on those rice stitched trees and I’ve ‘discovered’ a new favorite tool…about which I will share more later. I do love the way the stained glass window turned out. And the hedge…well, all I have to say is COOL STITCH combination!

For anyone who’s interested, this is a fun project, but there are several errors and omissions on the chart (1st ed.) I just kind of made things up where they weren’t clear or specified. 🙂

I hope everyone is enjoying their day.



Happy Easter!

I wish all of you who celebrate this day a happy and blessed time, filled with joy, wonder and peace. For those of you who don’t celebrate Easter, I wish each of you peace and joy on this lovely spring day.

It’s bright and sunny here in Minnesota today. The lake is as clear as glass and I hope to take some photos when we’re out for our walk later. I’ve been remiss in posting this week, but I do have some progress on Old Stone Church to share and hopefully, some photos of spring.

Yesterday was a good day…we had an impromptu meeting of most of the stitching sisters (Janet was not able to be here 😦 We still keep hoping the perfect job will come her way down here). But the rest of us had some time to stitch, share new stash and have a meal together. We started about ten in the morning and Theresa and Paula left about five. It was great! Thank you ladies for the wonder and laughter you bring to my life!

I’m going to close for now, but I will post more later, including the promised photos. Have a splendid day however you choose to spend it.



Progress photo

Well, this is my progress on ED Old Stone Church for the day. Not as much as I’d hoped, but I ended up being gone for most of the afternoon…duty called.

Ah well, God willing there’s always tomorrow.


Right now I’m putting in the shrubbery at the bottom. Tomorrow I want to finish the ‘interior’ of the church, the base shrubs and do one more of those very time consuming trees in the background.

For now, I wish you all happy thoughts and sweet dreams.



Goals for April

As it is April First, it is time to revisit my needlework/fitness goals.

First, how did I do in March? This was what I had hoped to accomplish:

Goals for March:

1. Finish Judy’s neighborhood in Round Robin-NOT QUITE.

2. Finish Buttonhole edge for Folding Cross Needlebook (Guild Project)-NO

3. Start Gay Ann Rogers Redwork Mystery-UM, this is Guild project that starts in April. Color me confused. However, I did order the Vicki Clayton Garnet silk I wanted for this piece and have a cut of antique white 28 count linen. So, I’m ready to go…I was just a month early. 🙂
4. Work on: Bordeaux Sampler SAL-YES

Chatelaine Mystery X-YES

Anniversary gift for parent’s 50th-YES

Papillion Mystery-YES

Sun Shower (HAED)-NO

Crocheted prayer shawl-YES

+ I started another gift for a friend.


One of the things I’ve been turning over in my head is whether to participate in the EGA challenge this year. The challenge title is ‘Circle of Life’ and I can imagine so may ways to recreate that in needlework. But the major question is: Do I have the time between now and September to do it justice. I’ve wanted to try my hand at this type of designing for some time now. –I have thought about it and I am going to participate. My entry and check are ‘in the mail’. I have started sketching ideas. Life isn’t nearly as much fun without a challenge. 🙂

So, all in all, not a stellar perfomance, but okay. This is, after all, supposed to be relaxing, right? So now…on to April.

April goals:

Finish ‘Old Stone Church’, Judy’s neightborhood RR.

Finish and FINISH (box top) a gift for the middle of the month.

Finish Stitching on Indigo Rose Folding Cross Needlebook.

Work on (surface embroidery) Lingerie Bag.

Work on Chatelaine-Mystery X

Finish page one of the Bordeaux Sampler.

Finish prayer shawl.

Assemble Block One of LeAnne’s House quilt and start surface embroidery.

Walk 4 miles a week, otherwise I’m never going to make Rivendell in this lifetime. 🙂

Stitch on: Papillion Creations Mystery, Sun Shower, and anything else that takes my fancy in my WIP bin.

That’s a tall order, but I do have some time this week and this month that I have to be home, so I’m hoping to get a lot done.

Well, it’s back to the Old Stone Church for me. Hope everyone has enjoyed their day.



Stitching Update

Happy Palm Sunday! I hope each of you is having a blessed and happy day.

Here in Minnesota, it’s still gray and rainy. But on my walk this morning I found lots of wonderful sprouts of green, many mama ducks sitting on nests, a beautiful male cardinal and his mate and best of all, I saw (and heard) my first loons (Minnesota state bird) of the season. Somehow their laughter always cheers me.

This is a short post to share my stitching on Elizabeth’s Designs Old Stone Church. I plan to be a busy bee on it today and may post another update later. I also have a gift I want to work on since it needs to be given in just a couple weeks.

So here is my progress as of 3/31/07:Elizabeth’s Designs-Old Stone Church



–I’m not having a hot flash…just my own, private tropical vacation. 🙂