Recommended reading & stash from ‘down under’

This Friday evening is going by far too quickly. I have a lot both stitching wise and life-wise I want and need to get accomplished. It has been a lovely spring day here and I’m glad to say I was out and about and able to enjoy some of it.

One thing the beautiful weather means is I was able to make my weekly WtR goal (see sidebar). And that doesn’t even include the walk we’ve planned for tomorrow (My week runs Sun-Sat). Wooo-weee!

Next up…another ‘recommended reading’ segment. I love books that are as much a treat for the eyes as they are good teaching material. This new (to me and to the market) book qualifies as a favorite in both catagories.


A Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork by Ruth Chamberlin (pub. 2006, Search Press Needlecrafts) is both an overview of the art of goldwork and a gallery of the author’s exquisite finished work. In tacit acknowledgement of the instructional nature of the book, Ms. Chamberlin not only shares her own pieces but concisely covers the basics needed to get started on a first project.

Progressing through the first few chapters, there are sections on the materials used in goldwork, the equipment needed and a small discussion of design. In addition, she takes the reader through the intricies of framing up, transferring the artwork to the ground cloth, and even techniques for beginning and ending stitches.

And she doesn’t stop there. She covers in some detail the basic goldwork techniques and stitches. The photography is both stunning and detailed. The book includes several projects, including a sampler for anyone who is a fairly independent and adventurous stitcher. (I don’t believe the projects suitable for a novice in needlework. Her instructions assume a basic knowledge of stitchery and allow a great deal of latitude for artistic interpretation.)

I think this book is a wise purchase for any needleworker interested in adding goldwork to their skill set or for anyone who just wants a peek at some beautiful examples of this art.

If anyone has questions about this book, feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me.

Another wonderful part of today was mail call. I received two kits from Colour Streams (see my sidebar for the link) both designed by Helan Pearce.

I ordered a Persian Teardrop, which I intend to use as a scissor fob and a Persian Slipper which is intended as a gift if I can bear to part with it. šŸ™‚ The colors are absolutely beautiful. It makes me anxious to see the rest of Robyn’s line of silks in person. (She does weights equivalent to #5 and # 8 Pearl Cotton, a six stranded silk floss and wonderful silk ribbons!) I can just picture a garden scene done in her colors. Anybody up for a trip to Australia?

I need a patron…sigh………………………..

Here’s a peek at my goodies. The scanner won’t do them justice, but I’ve included both the front of the packaging with the picture of the finished piece and the back, so you can see the materials.




As you can well imagine, I want to start this RIGHT NOW! And…I may give in as soon as my church is done. Yes, I’m still working the church. Those rice-stitched trees take forever (but boy-oh-boy do they look cool)! I will post an update soon.

In the meanwhile, if any of you are so inclined, I’d strongly recommend a trip to the Colour Streams website. Enjoy!

I will leave you with my best wishes for a wonderful and stitchy weekend with no froggy-froggy blues.



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