Definitions Every Stitcher Should Know

Stitcher’s have their own language. And, as with any other language, the use of acronyms is common. Following is a presentation of some of the most common: 🙂

Most projects start as WHIMMs-Works hidden in my mind. Or in the case of new market item it may even be a GHIN-Got to HAVE IT NOW! This type of purchase is usually followed by the sound of a credit card being withdrawn from wallet at light speed!

Once the the pattern and fabric are purchased it becomes a PIG-Project in a Grocery Sack or a PIPE-Project in a Plastic Envelope.

Then, depending on how well you are fending off an attack of ‘startitis’, it might become a HSY: Haven’t started yet.

Once you start it becomes the familiar WIP: Work in Progress until it’s completed or….

You lose interest and set it aside. Then it becomes one of three things: A UFO: Unfinished Object (but one you have a reasonable shot at someday going back to complete.

Or a CASITA: Can’t Stand it Anymore (most always found at the bottom of the UFO pile)

Or, at worst, it might descend into a: WtHwIT?: What the HECK was I Thinking? These should be adopted out as soon as possible, because it really would be a waste to use them as dust cloths!

Moving on to some broader applications of the needleworker’s ‘code’: After many years of study and observation, it seems to me a fair statement that most of us enjoy sEX: Stash Enhancement Experience. In fact, we enjoy it with a great…um…passion!

The generic term for this is retail therapy.

And thanks to sEX, most of us have a STASH: special treasure all secretly hidden.

And some of us…like me.. have taken stash acquistion to such heights it becomes known as SABLE: Stash available beyond life expectancy. 🙂

I think that about sums it up.

Now I have to make the disclaimers. None of the is orginal with me. Most of it came from the June 2006 edition of Needlearts, with additional input from the wonderful Monica Ferris needlework mysteries.

I hope you now have a smile on your face. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend.



Today I am grateful for Springtime and the renewal of life.

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