I’ve Lost It!

Quit laughing! I was referring to my stitching mojo, not my mind. That’s around here someplace. I just realized it’s May. I had an abyssimal month (April) for stitching. I didn’t finish anything. I didn’t start anything. I didn’t work on my SAL’s. And, I didn’t miss it that much.

I think part of the problem is Spring brings other things to do…walks, gardens and family visits. I did keep up (uh…mostly) on my Walk to Rivendell. I have gotten a good start on our container garden for deck and patio. Mom and Dad will be here next week for a summer-long visit (and a 50th wedding celebration :-))))))

One of the problems is my messy work area. So this month I have to get my stitching room/closet back in order. Everything I’ve acquired in the last six months or started is in PILES. I am good at piles. In fact, I EXCEL at piles. Sigh….

The problem is, with all the piles I don’t know what I have where. I have pieces of canvas sitting around, parts for quilts, not to mention a 100 differernt WIP’s (counted thread) all begging for my attention. My sewing machine is half buried.

The rub? Well, doing something about the piles takes away from stitching time. So, being frustrated, I decide to practice avoidance and read a book. LOL

Has anyone invented a 28 hour day? And a way to give me a 2 year old’s energy for those 4 hours?

Actually, it isn’t that I don’t have time, but some days I don’t use the time I have very well.

Stitching wise-I am still ‘almost’ done’ with ED Stone Church. I have also been working on my Indigo Rose Folding Cross Needlebook. I think I’ve finally mastered the Tailor’s Buttonhole. It’s a knotted stitch that gives a lacier look than a standard buttonhole. This is also a ‘have too’ project, because I have to teach the assembly portion in June.

That’s it. Nothing more. April goals…we’ll just forget I set them. Now to look at May. Yes, I’m going to be brave and try again.

May Goals:

1. Do at least 4.5 miles per week on WtR.

2. Post at least 2 recommended readings.

3. Finish Old Stone Church and get it mailed.

4. Finish outline and start double running section on the Folding Cross Needlebook.

5. Stitch some on: Bordeaux Sampler, Anniversary pieces, Mystery Sampler I (from Papillion Creations).

6. Make progress on stitching room.

7. Assemble Block One of LeAnne’s House BOM.

8. Work on Lingerie bag (surface embroidery project)

9. Finish!!!! Part 2 of Chatelaine Mystery X

I know a lot of this is very vague, but with my family arriving and spring finally here and no mojo to speak of…it’s going to be an uphill climb just to accomplish what little is here.

I’ve stitched long enough to know that these blahhhhs will pass. But given my stash, I can’t afford down time. 🙂

I am waaayyy, waaayyy behind on blog reading and comments, but thank you to everyone who takes the time to write and maintain a needlework site! They are so inspiring! Thank you too for the comments you leave for me. I love them…and the friends who share them.



Today I am grateful for my family…both of my families. I am very blessed!

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  • Theresa  On May 1, 2007 at 4:23 pm

    “What little is here”………..

    My first reaction is………are you kidding me? 🙂 Julie – that is a rather intense May list in and of itself! You are quite an inspiration on your accomplishments – more so with what you want to accomplish!

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