Good morning!

Here in Minnesota it’s a lovely summer day. For a wonder the humidity is low, it’s cool (relatively) and sunny. I love days like this, they make me feel alive, energetic and ready to do a Snoopy dance (think hands wavin’ in the air, feet a-tappin’). Okay, maybe that’s not such a great mental picture…

So hey, think of me stitching instead. Isn’t that a wonderful thought? And yes, I have been stitching. Stitching on those multitudes of WIP’s you may presume. Uh…no. Since I’m just getting back into it, I wanted something simple…easy…monochrome. So I started something new. Um…three something news.

The good news is, I finished one: A small needlepoint initial ‘J’. I show it photographed in the box purchased for it. (But it is not yet mounted…so this was just temporary…hence the crooked placement. I’m waiting for my order of AF foam core).

Initial ‘J’

This was a quick project, done entirely in tent (continental) stitch with DMC floss on canvas and finished on our trip to Michigan last weekend.

I also began work on a long-overdue birth announcement. Bienvenue by Long Dog Samplers. I’m working this on Belfast (32 ct.) Rue Green with a WONDERFUL Glorianna Silk called Highland Garden-dark. This is for a little boy, so the colors (deep blues-purples-shading to lighter tones of green and amber) are perfect.


The color of the fabric is much deeper in person.

And, finally, I just HAD to start a mermaid. I mean…I don’t have a mermaid in my rotation. What self-respecting mermaid collector doesn’t have a mermaid pattern amongst their WIP’s? So…what else could I do? I started a mermaid.

This is ‘Ocean’s Daughter’ by ‘!?Who Knew?!. It is being stitched on Crystal Lagoon Belfast (from Picture this Plus) with a cotton floss called ‘Bejeweled’ by Crescent Colors.

Ocean’s Daughter

Once again, my photographic skills are lacking. This is wonderful, bright and sparkely overdyed fabric. The floss shows up beautifully and so far, it’s a totally fun stitch.

So…that’s been my week in stitching. And, while I really didn’t need two more WIP’s, it’s been great to stitch a bit. Beyond that, I am going to cardiac rehab three times a week and plan to get my toes wet at work this week, too. That puts be a couple weeks ahead of schedule. 🙂 I think it’s the stitching therapy.

Thank you to everyone who has left such wonderful and encouraging comments and e-mails. You are all a blessing.

Have a wonderful day,


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