Sources of Inspiration…

…although sometimes it seems I have more inspiration than I can handle in one lifetime…unless I live to be 927. And even then I think I might just keep finding things I want to stitch and ways I want to improve my art.

This is the first of two planned posts today. The second will be to share my current stitching…yes, I have been plying my needle as well as my keyboard! 🙂

But, as the title of this post implies, right now I wanted to take a few minutes to share some current sources of inspiration.

First up is the Plimoth Plantation project. Their current textile project is to recreate a GORGEOUS and rather famous 17th century embroidered jacket. This project will take an estimated 3000 hours of work…yes, you read that correctly. 3000!!!! hours. Tricia Wilson Nguyen of Thistle Threads and Tokens and Trifles is one of the driving forces behind this recreation. They have sample kits available which can be worked and returned if one is interested in actually stitching part of this masterpiece. The kit is $45.00 which includes shipping and a donation to the Plantation. I believe this is a wonderful bargain, if only to hold a little piece of needlework history in your hands.

The website for the project is: and is listed on my sidebar.

From there, click on ‘The Embroiderer’s Story for a weblog of information and on-going progress reports. The labor involved in this project is immense (hence the need for stitchers), but the result is going to be amazing.

Secondly, I want to share the new class I’m taking. In my sidebar you will see a link to the weblog “In A Minute Ago”. The author, Sharon Boggin, is an educator as well as a very talented needlewoman. Her blog and website are rich in resources for both the embroiderer and the crazy quilter (those two disciplines are NOT mutually exclusive :-))) I have stash to prove it!). But beyond those pages, Sharon also teaches classes through Joggles, a wonderful on-line store…or should I say an adventure in obtaining creative needlework supplies. 🙂

Sharon’s newest on-line class, Sumptuous Surfaces, started just about a week ago and sign ups are still being taken. The class is $60.00 for six weeks of lessons. I have also taken Sharon’s Encrusted Crazy Quilting on-line course and I can testify you will get far more material than you can digest in six months, much less six weeks. Her presentations are coherent, comprehensive and fun! And, best of all, she makes the creative process something approachable instead of scary. I would HIGHLY recommend her courses to anyone interested in embarking on a creative journey with needle and thread. (I also highly recommend Joggles. I’ve ordered from them for several years and the service is excellent!)

Finally, I added another website to my sidebar. Mayte of MagicXstitch is truly amazing. Her blog has the option to be read in English and my oh my, what she gets done puts me in awe! Take the time to look at her photos. Talk about inspiration. Thank you, Mayte.

I guess one of the (good) side effects of recovering from surgery is time to explore. I hope you will enjoy the results of my time on line. I have…and it has given me a fresh love for the wonderful and diverse art of needlework.



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