Plugging along….

Good morning and I hope this finds everyone well on what is starting out a hot, steamy day here. I need to be on my way to work shortly, but I do have some progress to share on Western Skies.

I am pleased with how it’s turning out and can’t wait to see it completed. But for Harry Potter that might have happened by now. 🙂 Yes, I did read the new book…all afternoon and evening on Sunday. Finished it just about midnight. I was happy with the story and the way she chose to tie everything together.

I also updated my Walk to Rivendell page. I”m not getting there fast, but I am plugging along. I liken myself to the tortoise. 🙂

By way of information, there will be a new feature coming to My Needle in Hand. Like most everyone else in this stitchy world I have more projects to do than lifetime to do them. So I will posting selected books/pattern/kits on here that will be for sale or sometimes just free to a good home. I will try to get a few things up by week’s end.

Before I brave the heat and get on my way, here is my most recent progress on Western Skies. For whatever reason (probably my poor photography skills) most of the distortion you see will go away if you click on the photo and go to the enlargement.  The top border is complete, so I just need to finish that all the way around the piece and I will have a happy dance.

Western Skies-progress photo.  Laura Perin Designs.

For now, may everyone within the reach of my words have a peaceful day filled with expected and unexpected joy.



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  • Carol  On July 29, 2007 at 7:56 pm

    Hi Julie – hope you continue to heal up well!! {{{hugs}}}

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