A late evening post

Just a note to friends in different parts of the country who have been watching the national news feeds. The I-35 freeway bridge over the Mississippi River (8 lanes-2 of which were closed in either direction. The bridge is just a short distance from downtown and the neighboring main campus of the U of M) collapsed early this evening. The main span went 64 feet straight down into the river, the north end fell onto railroad tracks (and a train) and the south end onto River Road (with its bike trails, walkways and students headed home for the day). It happened at end of rush hour and between that and the Twins game (their venue is just a few blocks from the bridge), there was bumper to bumper traffic on the span.

At this point, they have pulled the divers out of the river because it is too dangerous for them to continue rescue and recovery efforts in the dark. I am sure morning will tell a more complete tale. As for me, my family and the friends I know of, we are all safe. I live west of the city and that is not a normal route for me (although I have traveled that road many times). I am grateful beyond words that I am not sitting in a hotel lobby waiting for news of a missing loved one and I acheĀ  for those who are trying to cope with the waiting or with the sure knowledge of loss.

One wonderful miracle…a school bus loaded with children was on the bridge when it fell…the bus stayed upright, did not land in the water and all the kids are safe.

For those of you so inclined, please pray for the families impacted by this sadness, for the rescue workers, emergency response crews, inspectors and for a quick answer to some of the whys.

Thank you and many blessings,


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  • Cindy  On August 2, 2007 at 11:45 pm

    The tragedy in Minneapolis really hit home for me. I was born in MN, and lived there for the first 25 years of life. I’m sure that I have driven over that bridge many times. I still have family there, and talked to my brother tonight. My niece was supposed to go to a Twins game today, but it was cancelled. I’m so grateful that it wasn’t yesterday. My heart goes out to those impacted by this awful accident.

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