Stitching in the company of friends…

I had a wonderful day yesterday…starting with a longtime stitching friend who came over just after lunch. She was working on a new Bent Creek mystery that is very cute and HUGE!!!

Shortly after she arrived two more friends (a.k.a. the ‘knitting teachers) arrived. I spent the remainder of the afternoon happily rediscovering casting on, knit, purl and casting off. After dinner, more intrepid stitchers arrived to grace my table and my spirit with their company.

Marsha (in addition to being my primary knitting instructor) was working on Glendon Place ‘Paisley Pumpkins’. THEY ARE FAB!!!!!! Sue (Marsha’s co-teacher) was working on an over one piece by the Trilogy. It was so cute…but her evening ended with a visit to the frogs 😦 I’m sure it’s because I kept interrupting her. Gloria stopped by for a while and worked on ‘Four Fat Friends’…a Guild project that’s going to be finished into a stand up next month. Brenda was crocheting a beautiful royal blue doily that will be a shower gift for one of the other of the sisterhood who will be married next month.  And Susan was working on her Workbasket peacocks…I know she will have a happy dance here in the very short term future.

It was a wonderful time (for me and I hope for them) of relaxing, sharing different forms of this exquisite hobby and even sipping a glass of wine or two.

To end the evening…Paula stopped by with Ms. Maddie. They’d come from an evening of cultural dance and fellowship to say  ‘hi’ to those of us plying needle and thread, to pick up a couple of patterns (Paula) and to eat ‘Old McDonalds’ (Maddie). I think there might have been a glass of wine shared, too. (Paula) 🙂

Today, I’m feeling much better and am off to work. I hope to spend a little time tonight casting on my new project. Marsha and Sue were REALLY good teachers!



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