It’s beginning to look a lot like…

NOPE!! IT IS NOT!!! I am in complete and utter denial. Where did September, October or for that matter November go? It cannot possibly be December. Can it?

It is? Oh…my. Can you say PANIC??????!!!!!!!!

Okay. Deep breath. Since the calendar doesn’t lie, it’s time to look at my year in stitching. Did I come close to accomplishing ANY of my goals? Not really. But I did stitch. I did finish a couple of things. I did get a start on my first Chatelaine Mystery…and am just about through with part 2. I did start this blog and have been writing here fairly regularly up until recently. I am doing better on controlling my stash acquisition…another plus. So…all in all…I’d give myself about C+…the plus being for effort and good intentions.

So what about 2008? Specifically:

1. I will post at least twice a week here…and share photos. (To which end I have to find batteries for my digital camera 🙂

2. I would like to have at least one finish a month and I would like to complete Mystery X by the end of next year.

3. I will add no more than twelve new projects to my stash. Which means that I will have to buy VERY carefully. I know I will be asking for Chatelaine’s Alpine Seasons for Christmas, and that will count as one of the twelve.

4. I will continue work on my Master Needlework Artist designation through ANG. I have a major submission the middle of this month which should give me an idea of the timetable for the rest of the work and research I have to complete.

5. I want to finish part one of my Master Craftsman in Counted Thread through EGA…or at least complete my design and complete more than 50% of the stitching.

6. I want to spend lots of time with the ‘sisters’ and focus more on actually stitching and less on acquisition.

7. Since I do have a lovely sewing machine, I want to learn to do some finishing. There are many, many fine tutorials and books out there and I am teachable…I think. 🙂

8. As always, I plan to attend several retreats. I believe these are great ways of expanding needlework horizons and skills as well as getting to know wonderful people.

9. I want to plan and stick to a rotation. I have a wonderful friend who is a champion at actually finishing things. She shared an idea or two with me and I will give it a try (since I have what feels like thousands of works in progress…sigh….)

10. I will continue to go through my stash, sell or give away some things I know I will never stitch (On that note: I have updated my Stash for Sale). This is the reason I really need to think twice about my ‘needs’ vs. my wants.

I also need to get back on track for my WTR (Walk to Rivendell…) Since Dad passed away I’ve been very lax about recording anything here, even when I have walked. So I think I may just give myself 20 miles and and move on from there. Posting here really does help to keep me motivated. And exercise and diet are two very important things as I continue in my recovery! Can you tell I feel a bit like a couch potato right now??? Grrrr…..

Now, back to stitching. In November, I had the good fortune to take two Catherine Theron classes; Examplar IV and the Quaker Sewing Case. I highly recommend Catherine as a teacher and I will post pics here as soon as I find the aforementioned batteries for the aforementioned digital camera. The best part (even better than two beautiful projects added to my stash!) of that weekend was a lot of time with the sisterhood!

I also worked a bit on a needlepoint piece…the Minneapolis-St. Paul Santa and continued work on knitting my scarf.

Apart from that, I’ve stitched very little. I did fight a bug over Thanksgiving that was bent on giving me a very upset tummy. Can you imagine? At Thanksgiving???? NOT FAIR! But that has passed (no pun intended :-)) and I’m feeling myself again. Can somebody please pass the chocolate? 🙂

For December, my only needlework goal is to complete and send my next submittal for the MNA program. Apart from that I will concentrate on giving DH a great 50th birthday party and of course, sharing the wonder of Christmas with my families. I don’t think that will leave a lot of time to stitch.

I do plan to post quite a bit more as the month goes on, but I do want to take the time to thank each of you who have been such an encouragement by your e-mails, your comments and your prayers. I cherish this community and I wish all of you the very best and beautiful of this holiday time.

For those of you who share my faith, may this season in which we celebrate the birth of our Saviour be a time of joy, great blessings and personal renewal. May God’s richest blessings be to you and to those you love!



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