We’re baaccckkkk….

After a wonderful Christmas with my family, we are back in the cold north country.  I did decide that this Christmas was a fine way to do snow. We sat in 40 degree Virginia and listened to the reports of a winter storm back home. By the time we actually got here last night the walks and drive had been shoveled, the roads had been plowed and all is pristine and lovely. It has started snowing again as I type. Big, fluffy flakes that look as though they belong in a postcard. I will snap some photos after I download the photos from Christmas.

One thing I do know, for the first year in many, I’m going to have to get out on my skis. I used to love to cross country ski and this year I have both snow and a bit of stamina. I just have to buy some wax and the lake awaits.

It was a great holiday with family. The flights were good and mostly on time (although our luggage outbound arrived about 10 hours after we did) .  It was our first Christmas in my brother’s new home…which is lovely. My mom has an apartment (2+ bedrooms) on the lower level, so we stayed with her and really enjoyed ourselves.  We were the lucky recipients of wonderful hospitality. In fact, we were downright spoiled!

How was Christmas? Well as was mentioned at the first it was a wonderful holiday. We missed Dad, of course, and because of his absence, it was a different kind of celebration. We were all mindful that this year, while we sat around the tree remembering him, he celebrated his very first Christmas in the presence of his Lord.  That thought alone was enough to bring smiles through the tears. After dinner and gifts on Christmas Eve we had the wonderful good fortune of attending services at Truro Church in Fairfax County. The sanctuary was beautifully decorated and lit, the music was ABSOLUTELY incredible  and the good news of the message was given clearly and joyfully. I felt so…blessed just to be there with those I loved most in the world.

Giftwise it was a wonderful year. I had not asked for much in the way of needlework supplies, simply because I have so much already, but I got a book about Chinese needlework that I will be sharing in an upcoming post. Again that word blessed comes to mind.

Now thoughts turn to the next year. 2008…what will it hold? In my little corner of the world I pray it will hold health, peace and laughter for my family and yours. Now it’s off to work for me…have a wonderful day!



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  • Mom  On January 3, 2008 at 6:16 pm

    I just read your synopsis of Christmas 2007. You are so right, it was a blessed event. Your presence, along with Dan’s, made the time together another precious memory. Thanks for the love and joy you brought to our Holidays. I love you, Mom

  • Theresa  On January 4, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    Hi Julie,

    Like the new Blog look! Thanks for sharing your holiday experiences, sounded like you had a wonderful time, although I know how hard this time of year can be. I lost my Dad in Dec. four years ago, I can’t believe it has been four years already. That was a very hard Christmas. Wishing you and yours all the best in the coming year!

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