2008 Finishes

1/15-Family Pillow-Pine Mountain-started January 2008. 24 to go!

2/1-I Saw Three Ships ornament-Fancy Work-started January 2008. 23 to go!

3/8-Knitted scarf-started November 2007. 22 to go!

5/29-Color Cubes-Laura Perin-started February 2008. 21 to go!

Color Cubes

6/23-Santa Fe Square-Gay Ann Rogers-picked up again June 5th, 2008. 20 to go!

8/20-Experimental Freestyle shadow work and stem stitch-design found in Waverly Honor-19 to go!

Shadow work and stem stitch

Shadow work and stem stitch

10/25:  Chicks Rule by Pine Mountain.  Started 10/25/2008, Finished 10/25/ 2008-18 to go!Chicks Rule

12/8./2008:  Edgar Scarf-started 12/6/08, finished 12/8/2008. 17 to go.

12/18/2008:  Edgar Neck Warmer (for Ronda)-Started 12/18, finished 12/20. 16 to go.

12/22/2008:  Neck Scarf (for Paula) in ‘Touch Me’ yarn-Started 12/22, finished 12/24. 15 to go.



  • Janet  On June 21, 2008 at 7:41 am

    Good morning! I am so impressed with your blog. It has a wealth of information and is an inspiration, my friend! We need to visit soon! Janet

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