I am spending more time…

…getting organized to stitch than stitching. And, scarily enough, that’s the story of my life…that and bouncing down bunny trails.

Some of you know my sad story: I sit down in my comfy chair and turn on my light. Soft music is playing, my fabric and fibers are at my side, I have several hours to devote to this beautiful piece in front of me. It seems as though I’ve found a bit of Heaven right here on Earth.

Only…drat! Foiled before I even start. My 11×17 q-snaps have disappeared. I have 17×17, 11×11, 8×8 and 6×6 all in a row next to my stand, but nothing in the size I need. I have at least two pair of them, so…where can they have gotten too? Perhaps I actually put them away. Confident I can solve this mystery quickly, I turn off my light, push my chair back and venture into Fibber McGee’s closet to find said q-snaps. (Perhaps here is where I should mention I should own Rubbermaid or at least controlling shares)

I have dozens of stacked, neatly labeled bins and in no time have located the right one…the one labeled ‘Hoops, stretcher bars, q-snaps, and scroll frames‘ (No, I am not kidding!). So this should be a piece of cake, right?


Opening the lid, I immediately find half a q-snap pair in the right size. Half? What’s with this? Where’s the other half? Well, before anything else, I obviously need to go on a search and rescue mission. Mess ensues. But an hour later, I can claim victory. The bin is neat and I have found the rest of my q-snap.

Only…something is not quite right. In the bin that is only supposed to be for fabric stretching apparatus (apparati?), I also find the fibers for a chart I have kitted with fabric…somewhere. I remember that chart. I put it in a special place because I was missing the threads. But where? Search ensues.

Hours later, no stitching is done, but bins are much more organized. Happily, I put my appropriately sized q-snap beside my project for next time, pat myself on the back and walk away.

See why I don’t have more in the ‘finished’ column? I am a compulsive organizer when it comes to my stash. Now, lest you think you’ve got me figured, I have dust bunnies that are scary beneath my beds. But as long as they stay in their territory…well, let’s just say we have an uneasy truce. However, if they venture into my well organized stash…then there will be war.

So…you may ask…if you are so well organized why isn’t it ever just done? Bite your tongue. Why isn’t it done? Well, first of all, I need to use my stash. Threads get disarranged, I find a kit for a friend, I spill a box of buttons and decide I’d rather watch ‘Iron Chef America‘ than crawl around on a closet floor. And secondly…somehow…without really intending to, I seem to be good at adding to my stash. More to catalog, more to sort and more to put in bins. (Sometimes more bins, too)

So this year I’m resolved. Less stash buying, less stash organizing and MORE stitching.

But hold on just a gol-durned minute. Before I can resolve such a thing, I have to get organized. 🙂 So to that end, I have come up with an exhaustive WIP list, which is posted on the page bearing that title. I did this so I could be VERY aware of the folly of starting anything new.

And then, in a superb act of defiance, I also created a list of the projects I plan to start this year. 🙂 Illogic at its finest!

To balance it all and because the New Year is a time of New Hope for the Alliance…oops…that’s Star Wars. Ahem…start over….Because the New Year brings new life to old resolutions (better) , I created a page for my 2008 finishes. Ah…hope springs eternal.

And, just to keep you all posted on how successful I am at stitching as opposed to playing with my stash, I’ve created yet another page (gosh this cyber world is a wonderful place) to track my hours engaged in actually plying a threaded needle.

Can you see a pattern emerging? 🙂 Do I need serious therapy? Probably. But in the meanwhile I wish you all bright hours filled with blissful stashing and frog-less stitches.


Julie (recovering CSO-compulsive stash organizer)

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  • Peggy  On January 11, 2008 at 5:10 pm

    Any serious cross stitcher knows that sometimes it is very hard to do actual stitching, because you ALWAYS find ways to increase your stash or supplies needed to stitch, but eventually we do get some stitching done!!

  • Terri  On January 11, 2008 at 5:58 pm

    Good luck with that. I went to pull threads for a new start last night and ended up having to organize the threads before I could see what I did/did not have! LOL I have a WIP list a mile long and the last thing I need to be doing is starting something new, but such is life! 🙂

  • Paula  On January 11, 2008 at 6:41 pm

    too funny, Julie!!! I have to say I TOTALLY understand your logic on how you approach the stitching thing – need the Q snap, find the bin, oops a bin to organize, organize the bin, but in the process move to something else.

    Sounds like a lot of my conversations – off on a tangent!!!!

    looking forward to tomorrow.


  • Susan  On January 13, 2008 at 11:59 am

    Julie – I totally understand! I like to organize my stash; I’m not always successful, but I find that I sometimes spend more time organizing it than actually stitching it!

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