Well one goal met is better…

…than none, right?

Dan and I have returned home from our midwinter long weekend away. On Friday when we left it was about six below and we were heading about 200 miles north. Crazy? Not really. February on the north shore of Lake Superior is beautiful, especially on a cold, sunny day. The lake is open and is the deepest sapphire blue you can imagine. The ice that rims it and occasionally float in floes is pristine white and sparkles like it was made of a thousand diamonds. The water is warmer than the air so oftentimes steams rises from the surface…like the whole lake is coming to a boil.

The roads were clear and dry, the Naniboujou lodge was warm and welcoming, the food wonderful and the quiet and peace refreshing in the extreme. There are no telephones (save one pay phone in the lobby), no TV, cell service is sporadic at best…it’s almost like stepping back 50 years. There’s a beautiful sun room filled with comfy chairs and sofas that overlooks the lake. We spent a lot of our time curled up on the soft cushions just reading, stitching and enjoying the beauty of the surroundings.

I think I’m a bit behind on what I’d hoped to accomplish this month, but as the title of this post suggests, I did complete one goal over the weekend. I finished knitting the third ball of yarn into my scarf…so it is on to the fourth and last ball, then I can say finis. Yeah! I also worked on Color Cubes a bit, too.

I am going to close for now, because I have guests arriving shortly. But I will post photos later and share some more about the weekend.

I hope this finds everyone well, warm and happy!



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