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Finish #3 for 2008 and…

…a post with some photos. Wow….go me. 🙂

Right now I seem to be in a knitting mode. It’s easy to see, I can do it when I have a non-migraine type of headache and there’s a LOT more in the way of immediate gratification. It’s not that I’m sour on needlework, it’s more…a mood.

Given all this it seems appropriate to announce my first knitting finish of the year. A scarf/shawl. No, there’s no fancy name, no fancy pattern, just k3, p3 all the way across until you have a scarf/shawl the width you want…then keep doing it until you have the length you want. It was the perfect project to get these fingers back into shape.

The first picture is the entire scarf/shawl (boy, this is one cumbersome, not-fancy name!):

Scarf-photo one

The second is a close up of the thing that started it all back last summer. Have you ever found a must-have shawl pin…and woe is you…it’s bought and paid for but then you find you have no shawl to pin it on? Bingo. You’re feeling my pain. I had to do something. I mean…it’s just not appropriate for a crafty woman to go buy a shawl. HORRORS!

Therefore, this is my solution. One handmade scarf/shawl  for my ‘couldn’t pass up‘ pin. Yarn:  $50, shawl pin: $38, satisfaction of making it my ownself:  Priceless! In retrospect, I’m sure this is all Paula’s fault!!! (See…she was with me on this particular shopping trip and had to have this gorgeous ball of yarn. Fine.  Well, except the yarn came in a non-pull skein, so it had to be wound. No problem, the shop owner was wonderful and had a swift and ball winder. In theory I shouldn’t even have had time to shop, but aforementioned ball of yarn was tangled…didn’t come of the swift like a nice ball of yarn should…and the rest, as they say, is history. )  So…enjoy your view of my ‘return to knitting catalyst’. 🙂

Enameled/sterling shawl pin

Now…just for the record,I love my pin, I’m pretty tickled with how the scarf/shawl came out…so I’m not going to be too hard on my beloved sister-in-law. After all, we did manage to have a LOT of fun in an hour or so of shopping AND I now have something that will keep my shoulders warm and my neck at the height of fashion. Ah…life is good.

The yarn is a NORO 100% wool. I think the colors are pretty spectacular. I used four balls and the shawl/scarf measures about 15×70. There are a few boo-boos, but my hands picked up the rhythm pretty quickly. I also want to say a thank you to two other sisters in stitches…Marsha and Sue…for giving me a refresher course. Given the many hours of pleasure knitting has given me, I’m really glad to be back.

Because I don’t want to get so out of practice again, as soon as I finished Project #1, I started on Project #2. It’s an afghan kit I’ve had for a long time. It’s one of the beautiful Colinette afghans with 8 different-hand dyed yarns. I am knitting the simplest of all the patterns they give called Sideways Strips, in the Meadow colorway. Here’s my first photo:

Meadow Afghan

This photo really doesn’t do justice to the different colors and textures, but I think it’s going to be gorgeous. And…just to go on record: Mohair yarn is NOT my favorite. 🙂

Lest you think I’ve forgotten my first needlework love, rest assured I have also been stitching. I finished my Advent Sampler Rotation and this is where I’m leaving Adam and Eve until next time:

Advent Sampler by Mary Beale-end of Rotation 1

Please excuse the wonky photo…I’m still getting used to a new camera. But you can see I got a lot of the greens at the bottom finished, Adam now has hair and I’ve started the lettering.  I’m hoping to finish Adam and Eve by the end of the next rotation and be ready to move onto Noah. But for now it’s back to the Ancestral Wedding Sampler by Kingsland.

Now, before I close, I have one more thank you to say and I’m going to do it in this VERY public forum. Everyone who reads My Needle in Hand is familiar with the ladies I lovingly refer to as my ‘stitching sisters’. Theresa, Paula (who is my sister-in-law as well as a stitching sister), Susan and Janet. (We also have a junior member-Ms. Maddie, who is Paula’s daughter and my niece as well as a long-distance member, Darcy, who is my sister-in-law on the other side of the family and a knitter).

Anyway, I digress. Susan, innocently enough, invited the sisterhood over for dinner and stitching last Saturday. And…lo and behold, everyone but Darcy (who lives in Virgina and was missed!) was there. It was wonderful. A simple afternoon and evening of stitching, chatting and eating. What could be better? That’s when I found out the sisterhood could easily be drafted by any covert organization in the world. These wonderful ladies had turned dinner into a suprise birthday party for me, complete with a wonderful meal, cake, presents and even an age-appropriate (I’m going to be fifty in a week) magic wand.  It was a wonderful evening and ladies, since I know most of you read this blog, THANK YOU for making me feel so special. You are all blessings in my life!

I’m sorry I can’t share photos…but I didn’t have a camera. Come to think of it, perhaps that’s a  good thing. 🙂

Well…that’s about it for now. I have updated my pages for goals, stitching hours and my wish list. I will post another stitchy update later in the week. For right now, I’m off to do a little stitching on my Laura Perin Color Cubes. (Have I mentioned I LOVE Laura Perin designs?)

May your days continue to be warm, sunny and frogless!





I did it. Made it through one entire month (the month of the Nashville Market, mind you) without adding new stash to my already burgeoning collection. I bought some fibers and canvas for my next Laura Perin piece (which was already in my collection) and that’s all. So, that was one goal for February met.

And one goal is better than none, right? Didn’t I say that last month? 🙂 I didn’t have a particularly productive month in the needlework world. In fact, last night was the first time in about 10 days I’ve touched needle to fabric.

So what did I accomplish? Well, I did add one more ball of yarn to my scarf and have moved on to my last one. So…I will have a warm scarf for NEXT winter. I did work on my Color Cubes by Laura Perin and am just under halfway finished. I almost finished one rotation for the Advent Sampler by Mary Beale. (I’m one hour short of my full rotation). And that is it in the needlework realm.

I also got our finances converted to Quicken, so that we can keep careful track of where the money is going (since I am spending so much less :-)). I read The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks, The Silver Needles Murder by Laura Childs,The Elfstones of Shannara by Terry Brooks and even rearranged my studio…again. Dan and I got away for a long weekend together and work was crazy.

So…all in all, February was a busy month. I’ll be back with picture and goals for March! (Hope springs eternal :-))