Monthly Archives: April 2008

It’s been a long time…

…and it seems even longer. I’ve had company (hi Janet and Mom!), had my yearly battle with a spring cold and have done little to no stitching. It seems my heart just isn’t in it and I know part of the problem is I have so much stash it is simply difficult to choose what to work on to even make a dent.

I have decided to set a goal that is different from any others. I want to sell about 90% of my kits, WIP’s, fabrics, threads and leaflets. If you have an interest, please check the stash for sale page. I will start adding new things tomorrow (Wednesday, April 23rd).

Perhaps doing this will help me focus my energies on the projects I truly love and will make me eager to pick up a needle again. I sure hope so.

For now, thank you all for your kind comments and for stopping by to read.