Just a quick post…

…on a busy Saturday. I am off to work shortly and then have a graduation reception to attend. My niece just finished high school. I’m glad to be able to share some of this special day with her. She rocks….she also stitches. 🙂 Well, anyway, I think she’s inherited the interest gene…she’s often too busy these days to think of needle and thread. I do remember those days. I learned needlework young from my grandmother, but didn’t really pick it up again until after college. That’s when I was introduced to counted work. That’s another story for another day.

What I want to share with you today is very exciting for those of us who love both needlework and community. Sharon B. from In A Minute Ago has established a needlework forum called Stitchin’ Fingers. This is group of men and women from all over the world who are sharing their gifts, talents, questions and answers in this cyber-world location. It is a wonderful place to learn, to network, to grow in your art and to be challenged. There are small groups for practicing and learning everything from crazy quilting to scrumbling (is that a word? What it is is free form knitting and crochet) and even a soon-to-start sampler stitch along which I have joined. What a great way to practice and perfect new stitches!

My only fear is I will end up spending too much time on this infernal (and wonderful) box and too little time actually stitching!

So pop on over when you get the chance. Sharon is a wonderful teacher. I’ve taken two of her on-line classes offered through Joggles and they are excellent. She has extended this gift of organization and teaching to encompass a world-wide community with the creation of Stitchin’ Fingers. It is well worth the your time to visit. You will find great eye candy and inspiration as well as plenty of room to grown and to share.

I have also put a link in my sidebar. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get those buttons to show up…so I’ll stick with boring links. I guess I am somewhat cyber-challenged. Sigh…

In other news: I’ve updated my library listing yet again. This will be an ongoing project, since I seem to add more books weekly. In fact, I may have to move out of my den/studio/spare room just to have room for all these wonderful tomes. They are…a treasure. As I write this, I realize I need to post some more recommended readings. There are so many good books out there covering just about every realm of needlework.

I have also been stitching. I finished up the Tied Scotch Stitch border on Santa Fe Square and started the next one which is a modified cross. A photo will be forthcoming. After this, there are two more outer borders, then I get to start filling in the middle. Am I going to make my end of the month deadline? I sure hope so!

Well, I need to run. Hope everyone has a grand weekend.



PS:  It’s both Flag Day (here in the US) and National Knit in Public Day (personally I think any needlework in public is acceptable) so SHOW YOUR COLORS!

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