“If you always do what interests you…

…at least one person is pleased.” Katharine Hepburn’s words, not mine. But there are a lot of similar sayings out there…remember, ‘do what you love, the money will follow? I’ve been thinking a lot about this over the past few years of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my job, I do it well, I am…oh, we’re back to this again…I am comfortable. But as people change, as lifestyles change, as attitudes change, it is becoming less and less satisfying to spend my energies on something so ephemeral.

I believe it is this search for what is solid and meaningful in life that has made me a woman of faith…because through faith I find hope for something beyond the clutter. I believe that’s also why I stitch. When I put needle to linen or canvas, I am creating something that will, in all likelihood, outlast me. It’s also a mute statement of my values: The value I place on handwork in this day of transitory pursuits, the gift of time in a world filled with busy work, my desire to excel in my chosen fields of endeavor, my love of color and texture and even the beauty I find in quiet, solitary pursuits (um…I suppose I should also confess my less than admirable desire to avoid housework must be included in this list). In some small way, my needle and thread form a part of the portrait of my life.

Stitching has helped me through painful days and hours. It has helped to pass the best of times and the worst of times (with a nod to Charles Dickens). It has brought me friendships so dear I can’t begin to imagine life without each one who is bound to my heart with stitches of gold. It has lent a certain luminous beauty to the walls of our home. It has taught me more about the great joy of giving. I can’t number the hours I’ve spent stitching for others. The minutes pass in pleasant thoughts and memories of dear ones near and far. I pray, laugh and sometimes even cry as my needle shares a part of me that will soon pass to another.

One day I hope to leave the ‘comfortable’ realm of my career and instead, trust that love, hard work and a lot of prayer will form a foundation as I teach others this marvelous art form. Yes, that’s my goal…to teach, to create and to teach some more. I hope I might even find a way to make a small living without having to find a patron. 🙂

A dream? Yes. But that’s okay…Dreams can form the foundation for tomorrow’s reality, right?

I have so much more to share that is directly related to my stitching (for a hint see 2008 finishes :-)) but WordPress isn’t cooperating. I can’t upload photos at this time so tomorrow will have to be soon enough.

In the meanwhile…happy stitching!



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