Well for all my big plans…

…I’ve stitched for a sum total of an hour and a half this month.  I have, however,  gotten most of my needlework library packed, my stash closet cleaned out and organized (with most of it in bins in the middle of the living room floor) and had a mild bout with food poisoning. (Have I mentioned I LOVE salsa? Sigh…) I am also trying to finish up a new website for work and share time with my mom who is visiting for a few weeks.

I am also woefully behind on sending thank you’s to those of you who leave comments and I’m even behind in my blog reading.  So please, be patient with me. This month maybe a little hit and miss with both stitching and updates, but in Arnold’s words ‘I’ll be back’ 🙂

The only thing I’ve stitched on this month is a little necklace kit from Shepherd’s Bush called I Love America.  This is kind of a special little kit as I bought it at Shepherds Bush a couple of years ago.  We were at a family reunion in Idaho…and on Saturday, July 3rd I looked at my sister in law Paula (with whom we happened to be sharing a hotel room), waggled my eyebrows and said ‘you know…it’s not THAT far to Ogden.’  I spoke the truth as I saw it. 🙂 It was, in fact, a mere 300 mile drive across a whole lot of nothing with high speed limits…piece of cake.

Being both adventurers and committed stitchers, common sense didn’t enter into the picture  and we were on the road in less than an hour. It was a good thing we called Teri at the shop. They had been planning to close a bit earlier than normal because of the holiday…but once they found out what we were doing, they graciously stayed open long enough for us to get there and do some serious shopping.  They do such a lovely job of making their customer’s feel very special!

It was a fun, if long, day and a wonderful memory.

I will be glad when the move is over and things get back to normal. I MISS STITCHING!

I’ll post again soon and hopefully will have a photo or two to share.  In the meanwhile…take care and thanks for stopping by!



(This was the missing post referred to in the following entry. I um…well, I published it as a page and not a post.  One of those ID-10-T errors. (read the word it spells :-))) So…I’ll be back tomorrow.  Blessings, J)

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  • Heather  On July 11, 2008 at 4:33 pm

    Oh dear! I wish I could send you some tomatoes…my coworker has been bringing in a wonderful lot of them from her garden. I’ve enjoyed them in complete “safety”! Blessings on your move!!!

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