If you live in the United States…

…today is election day. Please exercise your right…the gift…to vote.  It is easy to become jaded watching commercials that spew hatred (mostly unrelated to the issues at hand), reading articles and even blogs that make fun of an individual’s personal characteristics without listening to the message and perhaps even wondering if this system, cumbersome as it is, could ever work. But…for over 230 years, it has worked. And it has worked because people care. It has worked because, instead of attacking their leaders, they have supported them in deed and (for those who believe in its power) in prayer and where disagreement was necessary, it was couched in terms of the issues, not the individual. It has worked because ‘we’ supplanted ‘me’.

Whomever we vote in today has an enormous responsibility.  My message…my plea to everyone is to consider what it is you can do to help this man, to help our congress, to be a conduit for positive change. This nation and this world has enough of hatred, of violence and of apathy. To those of you who share my faith, join me in committing this day, the candidates and our new president to God-since both candidates claim His Sovereignty in their lives.

Off soapbox. 🙂

Just a quick note, since I am off to go vote, I PASSED my submission for the Master Needleartist Program and have been invited to commence work on the next phase. 🙂 More on that and a new link coming soon.

Have a truly blessed day!


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