October Recap and…

…November Goals:

October 2008:

1.  Finish knitting portion of Colinette Meadow Afghan-I managed 3 rows 😦

2. Start Artist’s Way curriculum and work on it!- I started this curriculum, I thinks it’s great but I am putting it aside for the moment until I get the next phase of my Master Needleartist underway.

3. Finish next phase of ANG Master Needleartist.YES and passed!

4. Finish one clump of pine needles, one clump of bamboo, one plum blossom on JE

5. Update Library Listingstill have more to do, but the goal was to work on it and I did.

6.  Blog at least 10 times–get back into the swing of daily posts-I did better, but not quite 10 times.


November 2008:

1. Finish Colinete Meadow Afghan-knitting.

2.  Blog 3 times a week minimum.

3. Finalize color selection for MNA project and share it with program chair.

4. Read 2 books on adapting art and write report as required by MNA.

5. Finish one clump of bamboo, upper area of bamboo trunk, and the rest of upper pine branch in JE

6. Put in 5 hours each on A Quilter’s Garden, Kingsland Ancestral Wedding Sampler and needlepoint piece of choice. (probably Kimono).

7. Do one Christmas ornament

8  Stitch Pine Mountain Christmas pillow.

Isn’t it good to have goals? 🙂



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