It was not the…

…world’s best week here in the north country–at least for this particular northerner.  But it had it bright spots like a surprise visit from a dear friend, a good prognosis for another friend and even some stitching time.  It just goes to show that silver lining thing is NOT a myth! And if you’re in need of a silver lining or just a morning smile, take yourself to Liv ‘n Laf to read about the adventures of Ms. Gabby- a mischievous, somewhat naughty and very lucky kitty. This is a blog well worth reading on a daily basis, but today that smile was a special  treasure–thank you Gabby’s mommy for sharing!

Since I am heading for work shortly I will share what I’ve been working on this week. Remember that post a few weeks back about picking up some canvaswork again? Well, I dug in my closet (which bears remarkable similarities to Mr. McGee’s (Fibber) of some fame) and found another one of my Kimonos by Jinice. These come as a line drawn canvas.  Work starts by picking a colorway in Caron Watercolours then selecting all the other fibers based on that color.  The fibers are totally fun, a lot of Rainbow Gallery, some Medici Wool (shows this canvas is far from new), some ribbon floss and a couple of glitzy metallics.  This was one of my first classes in needlepoint and it has been in the closet lo these many intervening years. I decided it’s high time it got done. I do find myself pulling out already worked sections because my skills have improved, but I still love the colors and the stitching.  I have finished one of these kimonos which now graces my mom’s house, and have two others in the stash pile.  It’s a good thing I like them 🙂

Here is my progress through yesterday morning:

Full body

Full body

And a couple of detail shots:

Detail 1

Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 2

I think the part I enjoy the most about these pieces is watching the colors come together. The one that’s finished uses ‘Flame’ Watercolours and is done in reds. If anyone is interested in seeing a photo, I believe there is one on my webshots albums. I will also post one here next week when I am out east for T-Day!  I do  plan to take this canvas with me on vacation so stay tuned for updates.

I also got a lot done (3 movies and one football game’s worth) on my Colinette Meadow afghan. This last repeat is taking FOREVER, but I am soooo close! I will post a photo when I’m done. That way I have something to work towards.

Lastly, another segment of ‘Recommended Reading‘:  I was at the knitting shop last weekend with aforementioned visiting friend. She held me down on the floor and twisted my arm until I was forced to buy Nicky Epstein’s new book ‘Knitting on Top of the World’ This book is eye candy pure and simple, but the photos and instructions are so good, I might yet venture one of her master knitter patterns even though I can lay no claim to that lofty title. I also need to keep working on a ‘slightly’ altered body to wear some of her beautiful creations…either that or one of my nieces is going to be a VERY lucky young lady. The text is clear and informative, the photos are glorious and this is definitely one for any knitter’s library. I am really glad I was ‘forced’ into this purchase! 🙂

For me it is off to work, so in the words of the immortal Jim Reeves–‘may your troubles all be small ones and your fortune ten times ten, may the Good Lord bless and keep you, ’til we meet again! (Actually, he’s the one who recorded it, I”m not sure who wrote it, but the sentiment is beautiful.

Have a wonderful and stitch-filled day!



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