Monthly Archives: December 2008

I am back from…

…the wild and wooley east coast.  While we had a wonderful visit with family at my brother’s home in Washington, DC, I am glad to be home.  We had good weather, something for which I am thankful, since Thanksgiving week can be problematic.  But apart from traffic and some snow in the mountains, the drive wasn’t bad, even towing a trailer behind my Taurus (a small six cylinder engine).  I am doubly grateful the weather held through our time there, because DH drove back to Minnesota by himself while I visited friends up near Philadelphia.  (At his suggestion!)  But we are both home safely…with just a few weeks before Christmas. We are busy, well and looking forward to another time with family.

I didn’t stitch or knit much while on vacation, but I do have a finish to report. I completed the ‘Edgar’ scarf…knitted with Noro Silk Garden yarn.  I will post a photo soon, I promise. I am just too tired tonight. I have started a second one with another Noro yarn…and…you guessed it, these are both gifts. 🙂

I also want to include a little bit of ‘recommended reading’.  Monica Ferris’ newest book, Thai Die, is out. I’ve already read it twice.  This is, I believe the 12th installment of the Betsy Devonshire needlework series. It’s fun and very quick to read. Enjoy!

Well, I am off to bed right now. I hope this finds each of you well, happy and at peace.