It is the third of February…

…and I am just beginning to look at goals for my needlework year. How sad is that??? But, I do have a good um…excuse.   I lost the month of January to a New Year’s day heart attack and the subsequent lifestyle alterations I am making to ensure that I will have the 300 years here on this earth necessary to stitch my stash. 🙂  So now, not only will I be a stitcher…I will be an athelete too. Scary, huh? I hope to discover there IS such a thing as aerobic needlework.

So, 2008. How did I do? Well, I didn’t achieve any one of my Sisterhood Goals. I fell off the wagon three times. But that is opposed to way more times than that in previous years. I didn’t finish my Emie Bishop hardarger piece, but I did get all of the Kloster work and a lot of the cross stitch done. I didn’t finish the Kingsland Sampler. This is my biggest disappointment and  is going to get more attention this year. It’s for two special people and I would like to have it done before they head overseas late this summer. More on this in 2009 goals. I didn’t finish 25 projects. But I did make progress and I renewed my knitting skills.  I began Japanese embroidery classes and started work on Phase I.  In addition I finished two lovely counted needlepoint pieces and three smaller counted pieces. All in all, I completed ten projects, including some gifts. I also finished and passed the first level submission in the ANG Master Needle Artist program.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad year for me.

As always, I have big dreams for this year. Okay, I have really big dreams for this year…never mind that one month is already gone with nothing but a bit of knitting done. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Here are my 15 goals for 2009.

1. Update this blog at LEAST twice a week. I love ‘My Needle in Hand’ because it keeps me focused and on track with my needlework.

2. Finish and submit the next level projects for my ANG Master Craftsman.

3. Finish my Japanese embroidery Phase I project and begin Phase II.

4. Finish the Kingsland Ancestral Sampler no later than July 15, so I can have framed and given by the beginning of August.

5. (Start and) Finish four charted needlepoint pieces. (These can be WIPS or new ones out of stash)

6. (Start and) Finish 2 painted canvas needlepoint projects. (These can be WIPS or new ones out of stash)

7. Finish the Kingsland Ancestral Sampler

8. Finish the Emie Bishop Hardanger piece

9. Finish the Colinette Meadow afghan (nope, still not done :-()

10. Finish knitted baby blanket by the end of February.

11.  Start and finish a knitted sweater or vest.

12. Develop at least one teaching piece and hold class.

13. Cull stash, sell it here, on EBay or at Guild sale. (Watch for future postings)

14.  Start one small piece each in crewel, beading and blackwork

15. Start and finish quilted Christmas tree skirt kit.

‘There’…she says, dusting her hands off on her sweats…’that ought to keep me busy’.

My biggest challenge is simply to remain focused when I have the time to give to my needlework.  I want to improve my skills, make a dent in my stash and enjoy the company of my stitching sisters.  One thing I don’t want is for my stitching to become a chore or a stressor. Life is too short and too precious. Amen? So, yes these are my goals, I’m going to do my best and call it good.

In other news…I have finally transferred my bookmarks to the new computer, so I will be catching up on my blog reading as I have time over this month. Yippee! I’ve missed you all!

Here’s hoping each one of you has had a happy and ‘stitchy’ start to your new year.



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  • Paula  On February 3, 2009 at 11:18 am

    Julie – I read your goals and think I am so not worthy. You know one of the rules of goal setting is to make them attainable, right?! How many hours are we talking here?! 😉


  • Mom  On February 3, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    So…… between this lofty set of imagined accomplishments………..will we have time for a good visit……perhaps over lunch? 🙂 Mom

  • coral-seas  On February 4, 2009 at 10:06 am

    Sorry to hear about your heart attack but very pleased to hear that you are doing well and sounding very positive. Wow, what a list. Hope you have great fun working your way through it.

    Personally, I find embroidery in general, and JE in particular, extremely relaxing. I only get stressed over it, if I am up against a deadline.

    Welcome back to blogging, I look forward to your weekly updates.


  • Heather  On February 10, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    Gracious!! I am so happy to hear that you survived the heart attack and have a plan to avoid one in the future! Prayers for a healthy, happy new year to you. Your goals sound good! Good luck with them.

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