Did you notice…

…this very neglected blog has a new title?  ‘Simply Joy’ reflects both my name (well, my middle name) and the subject matter of this blog as I write my way into the future.  I love to share those things in my life that bring me joy. What are they? My family. My friends. Stitching. Cooking. Reading. Nature. Traveling.  Gives me lots of material, don’t you think?

It has been a very busy summer. But I am not complaining. We’ve had wonderful times with people we love and have enjoyed lovely weather for the most part.  This month started up in northern Minnesota for Dan and I.  We were at a wonderful resort called the Jolly Fisherman on Big Elbow Lake, staying with friends.  It was a cool but peaceful few days of bliss! If you want a great place to swim, fish and relax, call them!

We came home to a family reunion on DH’s side and in a little over a week we leave on vacation.  We are doing the circle tour around Lake Superior.  Amazingly enough, for a girl who grew up on its shores, I have never driven all the way around the lake. I am looking forward to it!  I hope to post photos.

Before I leave today, I want to do my Siskel and Ebert imitation.  Last night DH and I went to see ‘Julie and Julia‘.  I have read both books this movie is based on…and I have to say they did a VERY nice job with the screen play. It was two solid hours of enjoyment and…well…I did leave feeling a bit hungry. 🙂  If you have an interest in Julia Child, cooking or one way of dealing with a mid-life crisis, go see it.  Meryl Streep…as always…is awesome!. TWO THUMBS UP!

I don’t have a stitching update, mostly because I haven’t done any lately, but don’t give up on me…my studio is FINALLY done!  I have sorted and alphabetized and culled…and am almost ready to settle in and stitch.

But the biggest news today?  26 years ago…I can’t believe it’s been that long…I married a kind, wonderful, sexy (his sister’s are probably gaggin’. :-))  man. Happy Anniversary  to us! I have been truly blessed!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer, filled with laughter and joy in the journey.



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