Let’s take a walk…

…down memory lane.  Since I haven’t taken a photo of my new pillow finish and since I don’t have any current ‘in progress’ photos, I thought I would take us back in time to the companion piece of the Kimono by Jinice I just finished in June. (see archives for photos).

I have five Kimono canvases from this designer and the one I’m about to show you was my first finish in counted needlepoint.  When I purchased the canvases, I picked different colorways for each. The first one I started was in aquas and blues…that’s the one I just finished in June.  The second one I started…a full back view…I finished first and gave as a gift to my mom.  The colorway for that one? Well, see for yourself:

Jinice Kimono-full back

Jinice Kimono-full back


Jinice Kimono displayed in mom's house

Jinice Kimono displayed in mom's house

The colors are less true in the second one, but it shows you how mom had it displayed in her home.  For now I have temporary custody of the Kimono, as she is off exploring London for three years with my brother and his family. 🙂

The fibers used include Kreinik Watercolors (Flame, I believe), Medici wool, Kreinik metallics (large variety) and beads.  There are many different stitches used and the metallic outlines are couched in place.

As with my second Kimono finshed this June, I had this one framed to image in a simple non fussy frame.

Just so you can see the two together, here is the side view Kimono (which I actually started first)

Jinice Kimono-side view

Jinice Kimono-side view

I do have photos of this framed somewhere…I think, but could I find them this morning. NOOOOOOO.

Next up in this series is the one on black canvas…a side view of 2 Kimono.  So stay tuned.

To Cindy:  I was confused too, but the deal for Farve is signed and sealed and delivered with $13 million dollars worth of love. Sigh…just think of the stash that would buy. But then again after the first sack, I might not be able to lift a needle….

It should be a fun season. 🙂

I am off to work shortly.  May you all have a blessed day.


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