…I’m slackin’.  It is now Day 5 of our trip and we are Sault Ste. Marie, ONT, Canada.  We arrived late yesterday afternoon, having departed Wawa, Ont in the mid-morning hours.  I didn’t post from Wawa because my internet connection was sporadic, at best.  Thunder Bay to Wawa was the longest leg of our journey and went through some of the prettiest country as it travelled the bluffs along Lake Superior.  Stone varied in color from gray, to orange to white, the lake varied in color from gray to blue.  We had some rain, some sun and our first stop of the day was Ouimet Canyon Provincial park.  This was an amazing stop. From the trailhead (and the wonderful and informative staff) it’s about a 3/4 of a mile trip to the canyon viewing pods.  The path is easy and some of it is even boardwalk.  The highlight of the trail for me was this:

Ouimet Canyon trail-foot bridge

Ouimet Canyon trail-foot bridge

Ronda and I brought our Nordic poles and were the intrepid explorers :-):

Ronda and Julie with our Nordic poles

Ronda and Julie with our Nordic poles

At the end of the trail were some spectacular views of the canyon:

Ouimet Canyon-looking downstream

Ouimet Canyon-looking downstream


Stone pillar in the canyon

Stone pillar in the canyon

and someone who didn’t much care for the heights:

I don't like heights!

I don't like heights!

Once we had hiked back to the cars, we had a little snack and hit the road, stopping for lunch in Nippigon ONT at a roadside park. It was a fun day and when we stopped for the night in Wawa we were tired, but happy. 🙂 Wednesday night after dinner I gave knitting lessons before bed…with both students catching on so quickly I was amazed!  A good time was had by all.

Just in case you were wondering why Wawa, well…Wawa is famous for these:

Wawa means goose..

Wawa means goose..

Yesterday was a rainy day of travel into the Sault.  We stopped along the way for sustance, found our hotel and even had time for a nap. I also did a fair amount of knitting.

Today we are off to explore the Canadian side of the Sault locks, then we cross the bridge back to the states and take a lock tour on the American side.  I will share more later….

Have a wonderful day…



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  • Theresa  On August 28, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    Hi Julie and the gang,
    Wonderful to read about your vacation, and see the great photos. Seems all are having a terrific time. So, Julie……..you have created more newbie knitters, huh?!

    Take care and enjoy your time together,

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