30 Days of Thanksgiving…

…I just read about this in a wonderful blog called 4:53 a.m. It seems a very good idea to me to spend time rehearsing blessings rather than dwelling on all that is wrong (or perceived wrong) in the world around me or in my world. Since I am starting this on the 2nd of November I have a day to catch up on as I start.

Yesterday, the first, I was home sick with the flu. I either curled up in bed or sat in my chair covered with a soft (and hand knitted by moi) afghan. I was and am thankful for a warm house, leisure to rest when I need rest and better living through chemistry (Thera-flu TM-no commercial intended, but it works for me).
Today, I am thankful for my DH who always…always…cares for me in a gentle, tender way that oftentimes is far more than I deserve. He is a gift from God and, after 26+ years I can still say I am so very blessed by my life’s partner.

What are you thankful for today? How would the world change if we focused on thankfulness? How would our perspective change? How would MY perspective change.


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