No I haven’t forgotten…

…NaBloPoMo (or whatever :-)). I have just three letters to explain myself. F. L. U.  And for those of you who wonder, yes I do occasionally feel like fly paper for any bug that’s out there, but really—better me than a little baby or someone really struggling with an awful disease, right? Besides, it gives me an excuse to whine a bit :-).

But since you would probably just pull out the cheese and your tiny violins, I shall change the subject to something far more interesting.  I actually have done a bit of stitching and a bit of knitting and I have loads of things in my camera to post. Now…wasn’t that exciting? Bad-dum-bump….

As a small token of my earnestness in trying to return to blogdom, I did update my 2009 finishes page. That should give y’all an idea of what’s coming in the way of photos!  I promise…soon.

So in the immortal words of…someone (gimme a break-I’m downing Nyquil!)… ‘I SHALL RETURN!’ (Or so’s my doctor tells me, providing I’m a good girl, get lots of rest and pay my bill. :-))

Stay well!

p.s. I am thankful for my doctor-who puts up with a good deal from me, Nyquil and my warm blankie today!

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  • Theresa  On November 16, 2009 at 1:28 pm

    Julie – saw in your 2009 finishes list that you completed the Welcome project, and that it was the oldest kit in your stash. You deserve a gold star for that completion! Hope you get over this nasty bug soon!

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