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Stash Reduction…

…in progress.  If you are interested in seeing what my latest purge unearthed (actually some pretty cool stuff, but I have realized that I have SWBLE-Stash Way Beyond Life Expectancy) please take a peek at my EBay auction.

Thank you for looking!




Stitching retreat…

…is one of the great joys of my life.

Every year at the beginning of August the Needlework Guild of Minnesota hosts a teaching retreat for needlework in Buffalo, MN.  The venue is the lovely Christ the King Retreat Center, a place where many of the sleeping and teaching rooms, as well as the dining room overlook the lake and offer the chance to see amazing sunsets over the water.

The retreat is well priced and full every year–generally without even having to open it to non-guild members. This says a lot about the enthusiasm of the needleworkers who make up the membership. It also says a lot about the careful planning that goes into making every year a success.  I want to add my resounding ‘thank you’ to those involved in this year’s effort because it was fabulous.

I had the joy of going to Retreat this year with a group of friends I have fondly referred to on this blog as the ‘stitching sisters’.  They include a sister from North Dakota, a sister by marriage and several local sisters, all of whom are wonderful friends.  This talented group (both within the world of needlework and without) made this year the  best ever for me. To each one of them…dear sisters of my heart…thank you.

The Retreat is also amazing because of the instruction available to all attendees.  Each year top notch national and international teachers come for 4-6 days to share their talents, new ideas and teaching projects.  In the past we’ve had the likes of Janice Love, Tanya Berlin, Kay Stanis, Barbara Mayo-Grass, Jane Nicholas, Cayla Conn Tyler, Diane Fitzgerald and Shay Pendray (this is by no means an exhaustive list).  This year was no different.  Robin Laukhuf of Olde Willow Threads, Leslie Granbeck (teacher of all things felted) and Carole Lake were our teachers.  All and I do mean ALL the projects were fabulous.  My choice was to stitch in Carole’s class–the fabulous St. Basil’s Cathedral (needlepoint). I was joined by three of the sisters and we had a great time.  Carole is an exceptional teacher and we went home with a fair amount of canvas covered. (I will edit this to share a photo of my work in progress later.)

St. Basil's in progress 1

The pace was just right and four days flew by in a flash.

So, Retreat may be over for another year, but I have my memories, echos of shared laughter and a beautiful project.  I am…grateful.



PS: To Mom…yes, I am knitting. 🙂