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A Mini-Finish

The last few days I’ve been working on my Chatelaine Mystery X-A Victorian Garden. The more I work on it, the more addictive this piece becomes. Martina’s use of color and texture is extraordinary. I have also discovered a love for the Dinky Dyes silks. They have a soft hand (as opposed to ‘crunchy’) and are a pleasure to use.

And today:  Ta-DA!!!!! I finished part one:Chatelaine Mystery X-Part one complete

And even started on a little bit of part two:

Chatelaine Mystery X-Beginning of Part 2

I will wait to do all the beading (and there’s a lot of it) until the end, because I don’t want to stress the fabric or the beads while I stitch.

Tomorrow: Bordeaux Sampler

I’m off to sleep.

Many blessings,