Needlework Library

This list is in a constant state of revision :-): New acquisitions or newly posted books are in italics. hc=hardcover edition

Beading/Jewelry/Tambour-Lunaville work:

Ball, Margaret: Embeadery: 2005

Bateman, Sharon:  Contermporary Loom Beading-A New Look at a Traditional Stitch:  2009 hc

Bead & Button: Beaded Pictures: 2004

Belle Armoire: Jewelry: 2006

Benson, Ann: Beadweaving: 1993 hc

Benson, Ann: Beadwork Basics: 1995 paperback ed.

Campbell-Harding, Valerie & Watts, Pamela: Bead Embroidery: 1993

Caravan Beads, Inc: The Sea: 1998

Carpenter, Marian (ed.): Beautiful Beaded Embroidery: 2006

Clarke, Amy C. & Atkins Robin: Beaded Embellishment: 2002

Coles, Janet & Budwig, Robert: The Book of Beads: 1990 hc

Cusick, Dawn: Making Bead & Wire Jewelry: 2000 hc

Deeb, Margie: Out on a Loom: 1999

Eha, Nancy:  Bead Creative Like Crazy(signed):  2009

Eha, Nancy: Bead Creative Art Quilts: 2006

Eha, Nancy: Off The Beadin’ Path (signed): 1997

Faure, Bruno:  Broderie d’art de Luneville (French Text):  2007 hc

Fouriscot, Mick and Gravelier, Roland:  La Broderie de Luneville (French text):  2003 hc

King Kenneth D.: Designer Bead Embroidery: 2006

Levy, Stanley:  Bead & Sequin Embroidery Stitches:  2004

Moss, Kathlyn & Scherer, Alice: The New Beadwork: 1992 hc

Ogura, Yukiko:  Bead Embroidery:  2007

Oxton, Jill: Beautiful Beading for Beginners: 2004

Pierce, Don: Beading on a Loom: 1999

Van Horn, Larkin Jean: Beading on Fabric: 2006 hc

Wells, Carol Wilcox: The Art & Elegance of Beadweaving: 2002 hc


Ayers, Diane, et. Al:  American Arts and Crafts Textiles:  2002 hc

Beck, Thomasina: Gardening with Silk and Gold: 1997 hc

Beck, Thomasina: The Embroiderer’s Flowers: 1997 paperback ed.

Beck, Thomasina: The Embroiderer’s Garden: 1997 paperback ed.

Beck, Thomasina: The Embroiderer’s Story: 1999 paperback ed.

Bennett, Eileen: From The Archives…: 2002

Bennett, Eileen: The Evolution of Samplers: 2001

Chicago, Judy:  Embroidering our Heritage: The Dinner Party Needlework:  1980

Christie, Mrs. Archibald H.:  Embroidery and Tapestry Weaving:  A Practical Text-Book of Design and Workmanship:  Echo Library reprint 2008

Hall, Jane: The Art & Embroidery of Jane Hall: 2007 hc

Hart, Martha Anne & Neblett, Hester: Waverly Honor: 1989

Hayden, Ruth: Mrs. Delany: Her Life and Her Flowers: 1980

Humphrey, Carol: Quaker School Girl Samplers from Ackworth: 2006 hc

Krueger, Glee: A Gallery of American Samplers: 1984 hc

Littlejohn, Jean & Beaney Jan: Conversations with Constance: 2000

Marsh, Gail: 18th Century Embroidery Techniques: 2006 hc

Meier, Susan L. & Watnemo, Rosalyn K. (comp): Expressions of Love: 1999

Mein, Annemieke: The Art of Annemieke Mein: 2002 hc

Parry, Linda:  Textiles of the Arts and Crafts Movement:  2005

Synge, Lanto:  Art of Embroidery-History of Style and Technique:  2001 hc

Swain, Margaret: The Needlework of Mary, Queen of Scots: 1973 hc


Allon, Janet:  The Business of Bliss:  1999 hc

Allon, Janet:  Turn Your Passion Into Profits:  2001 hc

Fitzgerald, Kathie:  Crafting a Business-Make Money Doing What You Love: 2008 hc

Hearst Corporation:  A Shop of One’s Own-Women Who Turned the Dream into Reality:  2002


Fassett, Kaffe: Glorious Color: 1988

Zelanski, Paul & Fisher, Mary Pat: Shaping Space: 1995 (2nd ed.)


Diamonstein, Barbaralee: Handmade in America: 1983

Doh, Jenny: Somerset Wedding: 2006

Haslam, Gillian:  Romantic Touches-Charming Handmade Projects for Every Room:  2004 hc

Leisure Arts: The Spirit of Christmas-Book Three: 1989 hc

Leisure Arts: The Spirit of Christmas-Book Four: 1990 hc

Leisure Arts: The Spirit of Christmas-Book Five: 1991 hc

Leisure Arts: The Spirit of Christmas-Book Six: 1992 hc

Leisure Arts: The Spirit of Christmas-Book Seven: 1993 hc

Leisure Arts: The Spirit of Christmas-Book Eight: 1994 hc

Leisure Arts: The Spirit of Christmas-Book Nine: 1995 hc

Leisure Arts: The Spirit of Christmas-Book Ten: 1996 hc

Pinnell, Judith: Take Silk: 2001

Tellier-Loumagne, Francoise:  The Art of Felt:  2008

Vaughan, Ciba:  From Heart & Hand-Creating Beautiful Keepsakes:  1996 hc

Embroidery (Blackwork/Whitework):

Eaton, Gay: Ukrainian Whitework: 2005

Franklin, Tracy A. & Jarvis, Nicola: Contemporary Whitework: 2005

Geddes, Elisabeth & McNeill, Moyra: Blackwork Embroidery: 1976

Gostelow, Mary: Blackwork: 1976

Houek, Carter, ed.: White Work-Techniques and 188 Designs: 1978

Scoular, Marion: Why Call it Blackwork? 1993

Wilkins, Lesley: Beginner’s Guide to Blackwork: 2002

Wilson, Erica: The Craft of Black Work and White Work: 1973

Embroidery (Brazilian/Stumpwork):

Davies, Owen & Holdsworth, Gill: Embroidered Knot Gardens: 2006 hc

Freitas, Maria A.: The Art of Dimensional Embroidery: 1982-2002

Nicholas, Jane: Stumpwork Embroidery: 1995 hc

Turpin-Delport, Lesley and Delport-Wepener, Nikki:  Embroidered Flora & Fauna:  2008

Wakefield, Rosalie: Take A Stitch: 2002

Embroidery (Counted Thread):

Adams, Barb & Allen, Alma: A Fine Collection: 2002

Bennett, Eileen: A Note Book of Pulled Thread Stitches: 1999

Bennett, Eileen: A Note Book of Sampler Stitches: 1995 (signed)

Bennett, Eileen: A Note Book of Sampler Stitches: 1999

Bishop, Emie: A Collection of Beautiful Stitches (Number 139): 2002

Bishop, Emie: Joyous Occasions: A Collection of Heirloom Hardanger Designs: 1996 hc

Davis, Jodie: A Year of Cross Stitch: 1995 hc

Diaz, Maria: Decorative Cross Stitch: 2003 hc

Dessein, Miky Cross Stitch: Inspirations in Color: 1995

(The) Embroiderer’s Guild ed.: Making Samplers: 1993 hc

Hammet, Barbara: The Art of William Morris in Cross Stitch: 1996 hc

Holtorf, Laura ed.: The Pleasures of Cross Stitch: 1984

Houck, Carter: 101 Folk Art Designs for Counted Cross Stitch & Other Needlecrafts: 1982

Kennedy-Jackson, Diane ed.: Sampler & Antique Needlework: 1994 hc

Kennedy-Jackson, Diane ed: Sampler & Antique Needlework: Volume II: 1995 hc

Keyes, Brenda: The Sampler Motif Book: 1995 hc

Leisure Arts: Santa Remembered: 1989 hc

Leisure Arts: Timeless Ornaments: 1995 hc

Maillard, Veronique: Sajou-Passion Des Alphabets Anciens (French text): 2004 hc

Modes et Travaux: A Sampler of Alphabets: 1987

Nicol, Gloria: Cross-Stitch: 1995

Orr, Ina: Hardanger with Pizzazz: 2003

O’Steen, Darlene: The Proper Stitch (rev. ed): 2006 hc

Rankin, Chris: Splendid Samplers to Cross Stitch: 1995 hc

Spinhoven, Co: Celtic Charted Designs: 1987

Stouffer, Ellen: Country Cross-Stitch Designs: 1989 hc

Thompson, Ginnie: Linen Stitches: 1987 ed.

Turvey, Helena: Red & White Cross Stitch: 2003 hc

Wood, Dorothy: Creative Ideas with Hardanger: 2001 hc

Embroidery (Crewel):

Jeroy, Judy: Creative Crewel Embroidery: 1998

Wilson, Erica: Crewel Embroidery: 1985 ed.

Embroidery (Ecclesiastical):

Dean, Beryl:  Designing Ecclesiastical Stitched Textiles:  1993 hc

Hall, Dorothea:  Embroidery in the Church:  1983

Embroidery (Freestyle/General/Mixed Techniques):

American School of Needlework: Learn to do Redwork: 1999

Bauer, Margie: The Embroiderer’s Handbook: 2005

Beaney, Jan: The Art of the Needle: 1988 hc

Benn, Elizabeth, ed.: Treasures from the Embroiderers’ Guild Collection: 1995 paperback ed.

Brown, Pauline: Embroidery: 1986

Clarke, Gary: Embroidery Illusions: 2003 hc

Coget, Catherine: Boutis & Trapunto: 2002

Country Bumpkin: Inspirations: Baby: 1999

Country Bumpkin: Inspirations: Gifts: 1996

Dobson, Judith: Roses and Delicate Embroidery: 1990

Dove, Sue: Painting With Stitches: 2004

Edmonds, Janet: Embroidered Boxes: 2002

EGA Education Department: Thoughts on Teaching, An Anthology: 1993

(The) Embroiderers’ Guild: Embroidery Studio: 1996 paperback ed.

Evans, Meg: Hand-Stitched Boxes: 1996 hc

Feece, Debra:  Nature’s Beauty in Redwork:  2004

Finnis, Jo, ed: Heirloom Embroidery: 1995 hc

Hawkins, Sue: A Victorian Floral Alphabet: 1997 hc

Hawkins, Sue: Heavenly Handmade Bags: 2006

Hutchins, Jeane ed.: Stitching A Legacy: 2001

Iles, Jane: The Needlework Garden: 1989 hc

Indigo Junction: A Vintage Bouquet: 2001

Johnson, Ellen Moore: The Embroidered Home: 2001

Keyes, Brenda: Small Scale Embroidery in Cross Stitch and Other Techniques: 2003 Paperback ed.

Lane, Rose Wilder: Woman’s Day Book of American Needlework (with patterns): 1963 hc

Lesage:  Ecole Lesage Chez Vous (French Text-comes with project materials):  2006

Laurie, Via:  Embroidery Techniques Using Space-Dyed Threads:  2008

Loftus, Barbara & Taylor, Armida: EGA Designer Series-Book III: 2005

McKinnon, Gloria: Anne’s Glory Box Collection: 1995 hc

Nicol, Kit: Painting with Thread: 2000

O’Connor, Susan, ed.:  A-Z of Embroidery Stitches 2:  2007

Parker, Freda: Victorian Embroidery: 1991 hc

Pendray, Shay: Inventive Needlework: 2004

Pendray, Shay: Needlecraft Projects: 1996 hc

Pendray, Shay: The Needleworker’s Companion: 2002

Pendray, Shay: Stitching Toward Perfection: 1989

Rollins, Jennifer: Embroidery: 1994 hc

Saunders, Sally: Royal School of Needlework: Embroidery Techniques: 1998 hc

Stansal, Lea:  Le Monde de Lea:  Patchwork & Broderies (French text):  2005 hc

Search Press, Ltd.: Embroiderers’ Pattern Book:  2004

Stevens, Helen M: Embroidered Flowers: 2004 paperback ed.

Stevens, Helen M: Embroidered Landscapes: 2007 hc

Stevens, Helen M.: The Embroiderer’s Country Album: 1998 paperback ed.

Stevens, Helen M.: The Embroiderer’s Countryside: 1998 paperback ed.

Stevens, Helen M:  The Embroiderer’s Countryside-Masterclass Ed.:  2008

Stevens, Helen M.: The Timeless Art of Embroidery: 1997 hc

Sully, Primrose: Stunning Stitches: 1990 hc

Tellier-Loumagne, Francoise: The Art of Embroidery-Inspirational Stitches, Textures and Surfaces: 2006 paperback ed.

Thomas, Mary: Mary Thomas’s Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches: 1989 ed. hc

Watts, Pamela: Embroidered Flowers: 1995

Wilson, Erica: Erica Wilson’s Embroidery Book: 1973

Embroidery (Machine Techniques):

Campbell-Harding, Valerie: Machine Embroidery: Stitched Patterns: 2004 Paperback ed.

Shinn, Carol:  Freestyle Machine Embroidery:  2009

White, Terry:  Thread Painting Made Easy:  2008

Embroidery (Silk/Metal/Goldwork/Japanese/Chinese):

Bertin-Guest, Josiane: Chinese Embroidery: Traditional Techniques: 2003

Brown, Mary:  Goldwork Embroidery:  Designs and Projects:  2007

Chamberlin, Ruth: Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork: 2006

Chung, Young Yang:  Silken Threads-A History of Embroidery in China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam:  2005 hc

Cose, Elsa: Introduction to Silk & Metal Thread Embroidery: 1977

Gray, Julia:  Traditional Japanese Embroidery:  2009 hc

Hibi, Sadao and Niwa, Motoji:  Snow, Wave, Pine:  Traditional Patterns in Japanese Design:  2001 hc

Japanese Embroidery Center:  Japanese Embroidery through the Millennium:  2007 hc

Kusano, Shizuka:  The Fine Art of Kimono Embroidery:  2006 hc

Phillipson, Carol: Cross-stitch Designs from China: 2001

Regents of the University of California: Threads of Light: 1999

Search Press, Ltd.: Goldwork: 1995

Tamura, Shuji: The Techniques of Japanese Embroidery: 1998

Wilson, Erica: The Craft of Silk and Gold Thread Embroidery and Stump Work: 1973 hc

Embroidery (Wool):

Coss, Melinda: Country Woolwork: 1997 hc

Kamevaar, Bettye: Wild Garden Embroidery: 1997


Dalton, Annie, Downes, Belinda (ill.): The Starlight Princess and Other Stories: 1999 hc

Hubalek, Linda, K.: Trail of Thread-A Woman’s Journey Westward: 1995

Johnson, Jane:  The Tenth Gift:  2008 hc


Odell, Judy: Christmas Ornaments: 2003

Odell, Judy: The Stuffed Stand-Up: 2003

Truswell, Summer Louise: Ultimate Big Book of Finishing, Needlework Knowledge and Techniques: 1999-2005


Binney, Marcus and Byfield, Graham:  London Sketchbook-A City Observed:  2001 hc

Calvert, Catherine:  The Heart of England-A Journey of Discovery:  1999 hc

Calvert, Catherine:  The Heart of France-A Journey of Discovery:  2000 hc

Chihuly, Dale:  Gardens and Glass:  2002 hc

Fassett, Kaffe: Glorious Inspiration: 1991

Haeckel, Ernst:  Art Froms in Nature:  1974

Haeckel, Ernst:  Art Forms in Nature Mini:  2007 hc (mini)

Hearst Corporation:  The Romantic Heart:  1995 hc

Kelly, Mary A. and Moireau, Fabrice:  Paris Sketchbook:  2001 hc

Montano, Judith Baker: Art & Inspirations: 1997

Springall, Diana:  Inspired to Stitch-21 Textile Artists:  2005 hc

Stewart, Arlene, Hearst Corporation  A Woman’s Christmas-Returning to the Gentle Joys of the Season:  1995 hc

Interior Design:

Cruickshank, Tom:  Living the Country Dream-Stories from Harrowsmith Country Life:  2007 hc

Fassett, Kaffe: Glorious Interiors: 1995

Fassett, Kaffe: Welcome Home: 1999 hc

Guild, Tricia: Furnish With Fabric: 1990 hc

Irvine, Chippy: Elegant Linens:  1998 hc

Larmoth, Jeanine:  At Home With White:  1996 hc

Packham, Jo: Organizing Your Craft Space: 2006

Packham, Jo: Where Women Create: 2005 hc

Revland, Catherine and Sunshine, Linda:  The Intimate Home-Creating a Private World:  1992 hc

Waller, Kim:  Bedrooms-Private Worlds and Places to Dream:  1998 hc

Whitcomb, Claire:  Designers in Residence-The Personal Style of Top Women Decorators and Designers:  2000 hc

Journaling/Collage/Altered Art:

Bautista, Traci: Collage Unleashed: 2006

Eichorn, Rosemary: Fabric Collage: 2003

Greenlees, Kay: Creating Sketchbooks for Embroiderers and Textile Artists: 2005 hc

Kahn, Sherrill:  Stitched Collage-Creative Effects on Paper and Fabric:  2008

Smiley, Jan Bode: The Art of Fabric Books: 2005

Somerset Studio: True Colors-A Palette of Collaborative Art Journals: 2003

Stein, Susan:  Fabric Art Workshop:  2007

Taylor, Terry: Altered Art: 2004 hc


Bates, Susan: My Crochet Teacher: 1987

Buller, Kate: The Ultimate Knitter’s Guide: 2000 hc

Cravens, Joan & Treinen, Sara Jane, eds.: White Crochet: 1988

Davis, Jane: Knitting with Beads: 2003 hc

Epstein, Nicky: Fabulous Felted Bags: 2006

Epstein, Nicky:  Knitting on Top of the World:  2008 hc

Harding, Louisa:  Knitting Little Luxuries:  Beautiful Accessories to Knit:  2007

Harding, Louisa:  Modern Classics:  2006

Jamieson’s Spinning, Ltd.: Shetland Knitting Book: 2001

Kim, Patricia: Sheep to Shawl: 2004

Kimbrough, Terry: Knitting, the Easy Way: 2005

Knight, Erika, ed.:  Cables & Arans:  2007

Knight, Erika, ed.:  Knit & Purl:  2007

Knight, Erika, ed:  Lace & Eyelets:  2007

Lapin, Carol, et. al.: Simply Knit: 2003

Lapin, Carol, et. al.: Simply Knit 2: 2004

Lapin, Carol, et. al.: Simply Knit 3: 2004

Lavold, Elizabeth:  The Out of the Woods Collection:  2007

Lee, Ramona: Victorian Purses and Amulet Bags in Bead Crochet: 1999

Leinhauser, Jean and Weiss, Rita:  Crochet Lace:  2008 hc

Malcolm, Trish, ed.: Vogue Very Easy Knits. 1999

Malcolm, Trisha, ed.: Vogue Knitting: American Collection: 2001

McGlynn, Virginia: Simple Knit & Crochet Patterns, Illustrated: 1983

Melville, Sally: Book 1: The Knit Stitch. 2002

Melville, Sally: Book 2: The Purl Stitch. 2003

Melville, Sally: Book 3: Color. 2005

Melville, Sally:  Styles:  1998

Myers, Lisa R., Grutzeck, Laura and Sulcoski, Carol: Knit So Fine. 2008

(The) National Needlework Association: How to Crochet: 1990

(The) National Needlework Association: How to Knit: 2001

Noble, Carol Rasmussen: Style at Large: 2003

Oberle, Cheryl:  Folk Vests: 2002

Oberle, Cheryl:  Knitted Jackets:  20 Designs from Classic to Contemporary:  2008

Orne, Michele Rose:  Inspired to Knit, Creating Exquisite Handknits : 2008

Rosner, Sandi:  Not Just Socks:  2004

Square, Vicki:  Knit Kimono:  2007

Square, Vicki: The Knitter’s Companion: 1996

Stoller, Debbie, Stitch ‘N Bitch Nation: 2004

Thomas, Nancy J. ed.: The Best of Knitter’s Magazine: Shawls & Scarves: 1999

Turner, Sharon: Teach Yourself Visually: Knitting: 2006

Xenakis, David ed.: Bags: A Knitter’s Dozen: 2004

Mixed Media:

Cross, Pat: Simply Primitive: 2006 (Rug hooking/felting/punchneedle)

Salamony, Sandra: Hand Lettering for Crafts: 2001

Needlepoint/Berlin Woolwork:

Ambuter, Carolyn: The Open Canvas: 1982

Ashby, Daphne & Woolsey, Jackie: Creative Embroidery Techniques Using Colour Through Gold: 1998

Bahouth, Candace: Flowers, Birds and Unicorns: Medieval Needlepoint: 1993 hc

Berman, Jennifer & Lazarus, Carole: The Glorafilia Needlepoint Collection: 1997 paperback ed.

Berman, Jennifer & Lazarus, Carole:  Gloriafilia:  The Impressionists in Needlepoint:  1993 hc

Bradley, Elizabeth: Needlework Antique Flowers: 1993 hc

Christensen, Jo Ippolito: The Needlepoint Book: 1999 ed.

Donegan, Mary Clark:  Patchwork of Peace Stitch Guide.  2003

Ehrman, Hugh ed.: Designer Needlepoint: 1987 hc.

Fassett, Kaffe: Glorious Needlepoint: 1987

Gordon, Jill: Glorious Tapestry Designs: 1993 hc

Hickman Julie: Tapestry and Beadwork: 1993

Hilton, Jean:  Stimulating Stitches:  1992

Hyman, Davie: The Diagonal Basketweave: 1973

Kennett, Frances & Scarlett, Belinda: Country House Needlepoint: 1988 hc

Lantz, Sherlee: A Pageant of Pattern for Needlepoint Canvas: 1973 hc

Minor, Hollis Greer: Needlework Masterpieces from Winterthur: 1998 hc

Pearson, Anna: The Complete Needlepoint Course: 1991 hc

Russell, Beth: Arts & Crafts Needlepoint:  1989,2006 hc

Russell, Beth: Victorian Needlepoint: 1990 hc

Starmore, Alice: Celtic Needlepoint: 1994 hc

Willis, Orna: My Point Exactly: 2002

Wilson, Erica:  Erica Wilson’s Needlepoint (MMA adaptations):  1995


Campbell-Harding, Valerie: Beaded Tassels, Braids & Fringes: 1999 hc

Dickens, Susan: Tassels: 2000 hc

Sterbenz, Carol Endler: Great Ideas for Buttons, Beads, Ribbons and Lace: 1994 ed.


Gurney, Pamela: Dancing Needles: 2003


American Quilter’s Society: Quilts: The Permanent Collection-MAQS: 1991

Benner, Cheryl A. & Pellman, Rachel T.: The Country Lily Quilt: 1990

Beyer Jinny: Quiltmaking by Hand: 2004

Bolton, Patricia:  The Quilting Arts Book:  2008

Buechel, Jenifer: A Silk Ribbon Album: 1998

Buechel, Jenifer: Miniature Baltimore Album Quilts: 1997

Causee, Linda: 101 Crazy Quilt Blocks: 2001

Chapelle Designers: Victorian Quilting: 1990

Cravens, Joan ed.: Creative American Quilting: 1989 hc

Dobson, Jenni: Quilting: 2005 hc

Echols, Margit ed.: 50 Country Quilting Projects: 1990 hc

Fassett, Kaffee:  Quilts in the Sun:  2007

Fons, Marianne & Porter, Liz: Quilter’s Complete Guide: 1993 hc

Gorder, Cindy: Beaded Crazy Quilting: 2005

Hagood, Charlotte ed.: Small Quilts: 1989 hc

Heisey, Craig N. & Pellman, Rachel: The Country Bride Quilt: 1988

Krentz, Jan:  Lone Star Quilts and Beyond:  2001

McClun, Diana & Nownes, Laura: Quilts Galore!: 1990

McClun, Diana & Nownes, Laura: Quilts! Quilts! Quilts!: 1988

Michler, J. Marsha:  The Magic of Crazy Quilting-2nd ed.:  2003

Montano, Judith Baker:  Crazy Quilt Odyssey-Adventures in Victorian Needlework:  1991

Montano, Judith Baker: The Crazy Quilt Handbook (2nd ed.): 2001

Moore, Marsha Evans: America’s Regional Quilting: 1992 hc

Mumm, Debbie: Cozy Northwest Christmas: 2003

Mumm, Debbie: Quick Country Christmas Quilts: 1995 hc

Pellman, Rachel & Kenneth: How To Make an Amish Quilt: 1989 hc

Piecemakers: The Bargello Quilt Book: 1992

Potter, Linda: Quilt & Embellish in One Step!: 2004

Sinema, Laurene: Applique! Applique! Applique!: 1992

Smith, Nancy & Milligan, Lynda: Welcome to My Cabin: 2003

Tims, Ricky:  Rhapsody Quilts:  2007

Townswick: Color-Blend Applique: 2003

Twelker, NancyAnn Johanson: Women and their Quilts: 1988

Walker, Michelle: The Complete Book of Quiltmaking: 1985

Weiss, Rita: Prize-Winning Quilts: 2004

Wells, Valori:  Simple Start, Stunning Finish.  2007

Silk Ribbon/Ribbon Embroidery:

Hiney, Mary Jo: Romantic Silk Ribbon Keepsakes: 1997 hc

Jones, Justine: Silk Ribbon with a Difference for New Zealanders: 1995

King, Candace: The Artful Ribbon: 1996

Lewis, Annabel: The Ultimate Ribbon Book: 1995 hc

McKelvey, Susan: Light & Shadows, Optical Illusion in Quilts: 1989

Montano, Judith Baker: Elegant Stitches: 1995 hc

Montano, Judith Baker: Floral Stitches: 2000 hc

Montano, Judith Baker: Silk Ribbon Embroidery: 1993

Pyke, Kaye & Landy, Lynne: Elegant Embroidery: 1991

Van Rensburg, Salli: Creative Ribbon Embroidery: 1994 hc

Wearable Art/Fashion/Sewing:

Barac, Kathleen, ed.: A-Z of Sewing: 2008 hc

Bold, Kathryn: Salon: 2002

Butler, Amy:  In Stitches:  2006 hc

Coffin, David Page: Shirtmaking, Developing Skills for Fine Sewing: 1993 hc

Cream, Penelope ed.: The Complete Book of Sewing: 1996 hc

Doe, Jenny ed.: Haute Handbags: 2007

Iwakiri, Emi:  Beautiful Hand-Stitched Jewelry:  2009

Kamitsis, Kydia: Universe of Fashion: Lesage: 2000 hc

Khalje, Susan:  Bridal Couture:  1997

Meng, Kaari:  French General-Home Sewn:  2008 hc

Moody, Heather, ed.: Embroidered Bags and Purses: 2004

Phillips, Charlene:  The Sewing Machine Attachment Book:  2009

Pullen, Martha:  Antique Clothing:  French Sewing by Machine:  1990 hc

Pullen, Martha:  The Vintage Collection of Martha Pullen, Volume One:  2005 hc

Pullen, Martha:  The Vintage Collection of Martha Pullen, Volume Two:  2005 hc

Pullen, Martha:  The Vintage Collection of Martha Pullen, Volume Three:  2006 hc

Rocca, Frederico:  Embroidery-Italian Fashion:  2006 hc

Somerset Pub:  Haute Handbags-Autumn 2008:  2008

Stone, Sarah Howard, French Hand Sewing:  1981

White, Palmer: Haute Couture Embroidery: The Art of Lesage: 1988 hc

Wool Quilting/Hooking/Embroidery:

Gash, Marilyn: Winter Rose: 2002

Lovelady, Donna: Rug Hooking for the First Time: 2003

Soltys, Karen Costello ed.: Warm Up to Wool: 2004



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