In part to make me accountable and in part so I don’t loose track of something, this is, as far as I can tell, a complete list of my works in progress. Since I didn’t number them, I conclude I must still be in denial. 🙂



18th Century Band Sampler-Long Dog Designs-bin-adopted out

1990 Ornament-P. Buckley Moss

A Quilter’s Garden-Cross N Patch

Advent Sampler-Mary Beale-adopted out.

Ancestral Wedding Sampler-Kingsland

Anne Marie’s Evening Bag-Forget me Nots in Stitches-bin

Babes In the Woods Purse-Indigo Rose-begun Jan. 2006-adopted out

Bienvenue-Long Dog Designs

Black Sheep Sampler-Elizabeth’s Designs-bin

Bordeaux Sampler-Sampler Cove

Boxer-Kreinik-bin-adopted out

‘C’ Is For Cow-Prairie Schooler-bin

Celtic Tree of Life with Birds-Rediscovered Worlds-bin-adopted out

Chicks Rule-Pine Mountain

Christmas Child-Shepherd’s Bush-bin-adopted out

Colinette Meadow Afghan-Started 3/2008, finished 2009

Color Cubes-Laura Perin. Started 2/2008

Common Ground-Just Nan-bin-adopted out

Common Red Polls-Crossed Wing Collection-bin-adopted out

#944 Kimono on Black-Designs by Jinice

Diana’s Quilt-Stars, Hearts and Friends-bin

Dog Treat-The Trilogy-bin-adopted out

Dragon Fly Scissors Purse-Just Nan (Stitching done)

Emmanuel’s Song-Shepherd’s Bush

English Cottage Sampler-Chessie and Me-adopted from Lynn Schultz-bin

Examplar IV-Catherine Theron-bin-adopted out

Exotic Beauty-Warm(class)-Barbara Mayo Grass

Family Pillow-Pine Mountain-started January 2008

First Stitches 2000-Just Nan. Began 1/1/2000.

Flutterbys-Workbasket, began June 8, 2005, white Belfast linen/Weeks Dye Works floss-bin-adopted out

Friendship Roll-Shepherd’s Bush

French Alphabet Sampler-Blessings Counted

Gift of My Life-Trail Creek Farm

House on a Hill-Merry Cox-begun Jan 2006-bin

House on Booberry Lane-Brightneedle-adopted out

How Do I Love Thee-SANQ freebie

I Love America Necklace-Shepherd’s Bush

I Saw Three Ships-Fancy Work-started February 2008

In The Arms of an Angel-Lavender & Lace

June Morning-The Goode Huswife-bin

Kimono II-Designs by Jinice

Lancaster Manor Pocket-Wee Works (Wendy White class piece)-bin

Log Cabin Sampler-Carol Lake-bin

Love Pillow-Pine Mountain Designs

Marriage of True Minds-Drawn Thread-bin

Millenium Sampler-Indigo Rose-bin

Minneapolis-St. Paul Santa Face-Shelly (canvas)

My Stitching Treasures-Jeanette Douglas

Mystery Sampler-Papillion Creations-3/06

Mystery X-Chatelaine Designs

Names of God-Character Graphs-Started 8/28/2006

Nametag-Needlepoint Guild of MN

Nejiribana Flowers-Designs by Jinice

1980-Flower of Christmas-Nordic Needle

Noel-Sisters and Best Friends (start over-change fabric?)

November Chase-Forget-Me-Nots In Stitches-bin

Ocean Daughter-Who Knew

Parent’s Sampler-GPA Designs

Prairie Spirit-Adobe Designs

Quaker Sewing Case-Catherine Theron-bin

Ribbons & Lace-Lynne Tomlinson

Rosa Rubicunda-Kaffe Fassett (needlepoint)-bin

Sante Fe Square (class)-Gay Anne Rogers (canvas)

Serenity Prayer-Cross My Heart

2-Spooky Scissor Fob-Shepherd’s Bush-bin-adopted out

Star of Light-Just Nan (class piece)

Star Light, Star Bright-Little by Little-bin

Tend Thy Sheep (class piece)-From Merry’s Heart-bin

The Blacksmith-Gitta’s Charted Petit Point-bin

The Castle-Teresa Wentzler

The Flax Sampler (class piece)-Sampler House-bin

The Kiss-Mirabilia-bin

The Trinity Sampler (class piece)-Sampler House

The Work of Thy Hands Basket Band-Hillside Samplings-(start over, want to change colors)-bin

The Wyndham Needlewoman-blackwork-Sharon Cohen

Tiny Tree/Christmas Candles-Elizabeth’s Designs

To Laugh Often-Twisted Thread

Tocatta Two-Drawn Thread

Topiary Ornament I-Hillside Samplings

Tree of Life Window-Heartland House

Turkish Tile-Jane Nicholas-bin

Until First Light-Homespun Elegance

Vintage Red Tin Sewing Set-bin-adopted out

Voice of the Shepherd-TIAG-bin



  • Sheri  On February 3, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    Thanks for the Welcome Julie. I visited your blog and we have a lot of the same interests. Especially the fact your WIP list is as long as mine! LOL I love Long Dog, am debating Mary Beale’s Advent Sampler. I’m completed Common Ground. Hope we can chat more and keep up with each other.

  • Maria del Valle  On June 21, 2008 at 3:39 pm

    A long list I see, but very beautiful designs, there are some who do not know.
    I wish you can make it! Also I have several ongoing
    A hug
    Maria del Valle

  • Mayme Lazenby  On June 25, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    Having Lynne Tominson’s permission to teach any of her designs for guild programs & in searching the internet for all I can find, I ran upon your WIP. I do believe you have a longer list than I do (I’m too chicken to count or make a list). I saw Lynne’s ‘Ribbons & Lace’ and wondered if you would be willing to sell it. I could also pay you for a copy since I have her permission to “Xerox away & be happy”. This is the one piece we have never run across & believe me, we have quite a collection.
    Also, could you email me a picture of the Nejiribana Flowers by Jinice. I have a couple of her fans to START (as soon as I get through with programs this year)& wondered what this design looked like. Sorry to go on so long,

  • Mom  On May 6, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    I am trying to finish up the many unfinished projects in my house. I purchased a copy of the Blacksmith – Gitta’s charted petit point and started it while I was still working full-time. Alas, it got put in a drawer and left there until this afternoon. Now I can find everything except the list of colors needed and symbols. Is there any possibility that you could send me a copy of that list? I did purchase the original pattern so do not feel I am trying to be dishonest.


  • Regina  On November 16, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    I saw on your work in progress that you are working on Names of God (Character Graphics). If so, do you know of anyway I can locate the pattern. I lost mine when I moved and cannot finish the piece. If you have any suggestions on how to locate the pattern, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  • Regina  On January 4, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    I noticed this was one of your works in progress, Names of God-Character Graphs. I have made this one as well. Recently I had someone ask me to make them one. Unfortunately I cannot find my chart. I have not been able to locate any information on it except your blog. Do you know where I can find another chart or is there some way I could get a copy of yours?

    Thank you.
    Regina Case

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