Wish List

Gift Certificates:


Criss Cross Row-hurry back Marsha and Godspeed!

European Cross Stitch

Stitching Bits and Bobs

Wyndham Needleworks


Country Bumpkin:

A-Z of Beading

A-Z of Needlepoint

A-Z of Whitework

Interweave Press:

Folk Style by Mags Kandis

Knitting Little Luxuries by Louisa Harding


Blackbird Designs: Live Each Season

Blackbird Designs: Moonlit Garden

Blackbird Designs:  Thank you, Sarah Tobias

Brightneedle: Folk Alphabet Sampler

Brightneedle: Quiet Night Sampler

ByGone Stitches:  Quaker Virtues

Carriage House Samplings: Shores of Hawk Run Hollow

Carriage House Samplings: Village of Hawk Run Hollow€

Chatelaine Designs: Alpine Garden

Chatelaine Designs: Convent Herb Gardan

Chatelaine Designs: Egyptian Garden

Drawn Thread: Wayward Garden

Drawn Thread: Tocatta IV (release-May 2008)

Glendon Place: About Life

Jan Houtman: Byzanthium Cross

Jan Houtman: Life Tree

Jan Houtman: Patchwork

JBW: Christmas Motif Sampler

JBW: French Country ABC’s

JBW: French Country III-Apple

JBW: French Country Flower Basket

JBW: French Country II-Lamb

JBW: French Country Love

JBW: French Country Pear

JBW: French Country IV-Pumpkin

JBW: French Country Rooster

Jeanette Douglas: Silver Needle sampler & Embellishment pack

Jeannette Douglas: Vintage Stitches & Embellishment pack

Lilybet: Lady Champagne

Lilybet: Lady Violet

Lilybet: Spot Samplers (any of them)

Long Dog Samplers: Beaute Spotte

Long Dog Samplers: Froth and Bubble

Long Dog Samplers: Paradigm Lost

Mirabilia: Autumn in My Garden

Mirabilia: Crystal Symphony

Mirabilia: Stargazer

Mirabilia: Venetian Opulence

Mirablilia: Winter Santa

M Designs: Joy tree

Michelle Ink Needlework: Love and Joy ( would also love the silks)

Moss Creek Designs: Jacobean Thread Winder Kit

Moss Creek Designs: Manor House Sampler

Moss Creek Designs: Peacock Sampler

Moss Creek Designs: Schwalm Pinkeep

Papillion Creations: Alphabetissimo

Papillion Creations: St. Sophia

Papillion Creations: Year’s End

Passione Ricamo: Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace

Passione Ricamo: Enchanted Fairy

Primitive Traditions: Let’s Dance by the Light of the Moon

Rosewood Manor: Sleep Sweet

Sampler Cove: Truth and Wisdom

Sampler Cove: Rhapsody in Red-all parts

Victoria Sampler: Heirloom Family Sampler & Acc. Pack (Rustic)

Victoria Sampler: Heirloom Homecoming Sampler & Acc. Pack (Rustic colors)

Victoria Sampler: Strawberry Fields Farm Sampler & Acc. Pack

Workbasket: Flower Sampler

Workbasket: Lilies

Workbasket: Mermaid Singing


Crescent Colors: Any

Gloriana Silk-Cranberry-1 hank

Gloriana silk-Pointsettia-1 hank

Gloriana silk-Rosewood-1 hank

Thread Gatherer Silk ‘n Colors: In the Reds


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