2007 Finishes

Pine Mountain Designs: Princess pillow-done for niece Maddie. Started December 2006, finished January 2007.

Lilybet/Victoria Sampler/Needle’n I: Jane’s ‘Town Square Neighborhood‘ segment. Started January 2007, finished February 2007

Chatelaine Mystery X-Part one. Started January 2007, finished March 2007

Elizabeth’s Designs: Old Stone Church for Judy’s Small Town Minnesota neighborhood. Started March 2007, finished May 2007.

Needlepoint Initial ‘J’. Started July 2007, finished July 2007.

Laura J. Perin Designs-Western Skies: Started 2005, finished July 2007.

Pine Mountain Designs-Tie One On-August: Started August 2007, finished August 2007.

Pine Mountain Designs-Tie One On-Summer: Started August 2007, finished August 2007

Drawn Thread (alphabet), Jeannette Douglas (Butterflies) and Tokens and Trifles (card)-Retreat 2007 Nametag. Started August 2007, finished August 2007.

Prairie Schooler Designs-Santa 2002:  Started 2004 (?), finished December 2007.



  • Laura Perin  On October 28, 2007 at 1:16 am

    Julie: Just wanted to say I was strolling thru your blogsite, and found your completed Western Skies. I LOVE THE COLORS!!!! Mulberry is much more subtle than the greens/golds that I used (or maybe I’m just sick of looking at that color/version). But anyway, I just wanted to say “thank you” for stitching it and also for the nice things you said about my patterns! If it’s okay with you…I’m going to add your blogsite to mine, okay? (so I can keep peeking at your latest projects…)

  • Mary Lou Heinig  On December 3, 2007 at 5:07 am

    Julie, I just came upon your blog and stitching. Are you finished with your blog for the year? When are you going to begin again? I am taken with this blogsite and hope you continue with it. Many thanks.

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