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Adventures…(Photo intensive post)

Well, it’s Sunday evening here, the Vikings managed to find a way to loose again and I’m still battling a cold. On the plus side, it was a beautiful day, spaghetti sauce is bubbling away on the stove and I’m remembering my knitting skills.

Although this blog is mainly about my needlework endeavors, I thought I’d share a bit of our weekend up north (September 14th-17th) in photos. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

This is your’s truly on the trail. In case you wondered, I don’t glow, I sweat! Those things in my hands that look like ski poles are actually Nordic walking poles…designed to help give the upper body a workout when hiking. In this case they also helped me keep my balance over hundreds!!!!!!! of rocks. LOL Still, it was a beautiful day. My hat…the same hat that seen me through about a 100 pound weight loss…says ‘Endorsed by No One’. For some reason that struck my funny bone.


This is DH at the Split Rock Lighthouse overlook. It was a cloudy day but he was (and we was) still enjoying himself (and ourselves). He didn’t really want me to take his picture. Can you tell? 🙂

Split Rock

Aforementioned Split Rock Lighthouse.


Room at the Lodge 2

Our room at Cove Point Lodge. It was beautiful…and included a Scandinavian Style breakfast.

This is the view from our room…the great lake they call ‘Kitchi Gummi’ (to quote Gorden Lightfoot). We could hear the water lapping at the short all night long. What a GLORIOUS symphony! We also did another rock scramble to get out to that point you see. We made it at sunset. It was worth every calorie burned.

Finally: A couple of photos from Silver Cliff. This area used to be a dangerous part of Highway 61 going north out of Duluth, but they blasted a hole through the cliff, put in a tunnel and the old road has turned into a biker and pedestrian overlook…boasting a beautiful view of the lake.

I’m smaller than the cliff :-)

Okay…I admit it’s a silly grin, but this is the cliff that gives Silver Cliff it’s name. I’d never gotten this close before. 🙂

what a view

The view north and east. Even with the cloud cover it’s stunning.

A little fall color

…and a little fall color.

I will leave you with a photo of the Aerial Bridge…marking the entrance to the Duluth/Superior harbor.

Aerial Bridge

All in all it was a fine weekend. A little shopping, time with Dan’s folks and a little exploring.

My hope this week is to update my Needlework Library Listing and take some photos of ‘adventures in knitting’ as well as the Mary Beale Advent Sampler.

I hope you all had a great weekend!




Stitching in the company of friends…

I had a wonderful day yesterday…starting with a longtime stitching friend who came over just after lunch. She was working on a new Bent Creek mystery that is very cute and HUGE!!!

Shortly after she arrived two more friends (a.k.a. the ‘knitting teachers) arrived. I spent the remainder of the afternoon happily rediscovering casting on, knit, purl and casting off. After dinner, more intrepid stitchers arrived to grace my table and my spirit with their company.

Marsha (in addition to being my primary knitting instructor) was working on Glendon Place ‘Paisley Pumpkins’. THEY ARE FAB!!!!!! Sue (Marsha’s co-teacher) was working on an over one piece by the Trilogy. It was so cute…but her evening ended with a visit to the frogs 😦 I’m sure it’s because I kept interrupting her. Gloria stopped by for a while and worked on ‘Four Fat Friends’…a Guild project that’s going to be finished into a stand up next month. Brenda was crocheting a beautiful royal blue doily that will be a shower gift for one of the other of the sisterhood who will be married next month.  And Susan was working on her Workbasket peacocks…I know she will have a happy dance here in the very short term future.

It was a wonderful time (for me and I hope for them) of relaxing, sharing different forms of this exquisite hobby and even sipping a glass of wine or two.

To end the evening…Paula stopped by with Ms. Maddie. They’d come from an evening of cultural dance and fellowship to say  ‘hi’ to those of us plying needle and thread, to pick up a couple of patterns (Paula) and to eat ‘Old McDonalds’ (Maddie). I think there might have been a glass of wine shared, too. (Paula) 🙂

Today, I’m feeling much better and am off to work. I hope to spend a little time tonight casting on my new project. Marsha and Sue were REALLY good teachers!



Where did summer go?

To surgery, to celebrations and to a funeral. To say it’s been up and down is an understatement. But I can still say, without equivocation, that I am blessed. I miss my dad and always will, but I will take him with me through the rest of my life and trust that there will be a sweet reunion one future day. I hope I will hear a ‘well-done, Joybells’. 🙂

Obviously, it has not been a good summer for stitching. I thought I might get a lot done while recuperating. Not so. I was either too sore or too tired or too busy or needed to focus elsewhere (like exercising and getting back to work). So perhaps winter, with it’s slower pace, will be a time to reintroduce my fingers to needle and thread.

The only exception to the summer stitching desert: The Needlework Guild of Minnesota retreat 2008. I took a wonderful class from Jane Nicholas. Yes, that’s THE Jane Nicholas from Australia…the stumpwork queen from down under. She was fabulous, the class was fabulous, and even though I feel like I’m all thumbs, I’m going to give finishing my project a shot. It’s a lovely Turkish Tile…and once I get a bit further along, I’ll share a photo.

Come to think of it, I was planning to share photos of a couple of small finishes. Better late than never, right?

Pine Mountain-August



and finally, my nametag for Retreat 2008 (theme: butterflies):


I have to say that stitching on the Tokens and Trifles (copyright) card was a WONDERFUL experience. I highly recommend their product if you want a quick, neat finish.

What else? Well, you have probably guessed by now that I am going through my stash and divesting myself of some projects. Don’t worry…no incurable diseases here that I know of…it’s just that at almost 50 years young, I need to accept there is a small chance I will not live the 500 years I need to finish stitching my stash. Sigh. This problem is exacerbated by the small fact I keep buying more. Yes, I’m better, but I’m still not cured. :-))))

I am also enjoying learning to quilt, knitting, crocheting and my new passion…weaving, both bead and tapestry. (well, to be perfectly frank, I haven’t tried the Tapestry weaving yet…but my loom, my beautiful loom (the Big Sister) will do it. I’m just waiting for the right class to come my way.

Who’s bouncing down a bunny trail? Moi? Nah…..

Okay, so maybe I did digress just a bit. So back to the point of this ramble. You remember, right? My stash sale. To make things easier to update and so it doesn’t take space reserved for needlework ramblings, I’ve created a new page (see left hand column, top…then click :-)). Feel free to e-mail me if you have an interest in anything…or leave a comment. This list is also posted on the Legacy Board. I accept checks, Paypal, well concealed cash…and I’ve been known to operate on the barter system. :-))))

What am I working on right now? Well, the Mary Beale Advent Sampler…square one. I’d say I’m about 20-30 percent done and will get a photo next time I take it out. This is a wonderful piece. I also have about 3 stitches in the Ancestral Wedding Sampler by Kingsland…destined to be a gift for two very special people who shall remain nameless at present. :-)))))

Gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve written anything here, I can’t possibly fit everything into one posting. There’s a bit of new stash to share, a couple of new books and of course the WIP’s that you haven’t seen. I hope there will be no more big waves for a few months, so I can get back into the rhythms of stitching and sharing with friends.

As you can well imagine, I’m behind on blog reading and commentary, but I hope this post finds all of you happy, healthy and stitching.




When the music fades into the past,when my days of life are through, what will be remembered of where I’ve come? When all is said and done.

Will they say I loved my family? That I was a faithful friend? That I lived to tell of God’s own Son? When all is said and done.

Of how I longed to see the hour, when I would hear that trumpet sound, and rise to see my Saviour’s face, see Him smile and say ‘well done’.

You can forget my name and the songs I’ve sung. Every rhyme and every tune. But remember the truth of Jesus’ love. When all is said and done. (–Geoff Moore)

Enjoy your homecoming, Daddy and leave a light burning in the window. I love you.